The Marquette Weekend iChannel Winners

marquette.jpgiChannel and Bonneville International Corporation recently announced that independent music artists The Marquette Weekend were selected by listeners, online fans and other independent artists as the winners of the “iChannel $5,000 Video Search” contest.





iChannel and Bonneville International Corporationrecently announced that independent music artists “The Marquette Weekend” based out of St. Louis, Missouri were selected bylisteners, online fans and other independent artists as the winners of the“iChannel $5,000 Video Search” contest. and The iChannelHD Radio Network launched “The iChannel $5,000 Video Search” as a way to helpsupport independent music artists and to promote independent music in anupcoming national ad campaign. The premise behind the contest was to find thebest video clip (up to 30 seconds) from anyone that best described the iChanneland the independent artists they play and promote.


“The Marquette Weekend” is one of the independent musical groups currentlyfeatured on and The iChannel HD Radio Network. According toiChannel Program Director Ken Williams, “This group used their innovative styleand musical creativity to create an original video that features their bandprominently, while promoting all of the benefits of iChannel.”


iChannel listeners andindependent bands/artists were encouraged to create their own 30 second videoand upload it to the video host of their choice. iChannel displayed each videoon the site beginning in February 2008, and running through mid-May. Listenersvoted for the video they felt best exemplified iChannel’s “First to Hear,First to Know”SM  philosophy, and “The Marquette Weekend” garnered the majority of the thousands of votesreceived through emails, page clicks, video clicks, instant messages, Skypecalls and phone calls from around the world.


To view the winning videosubmission from “The Marquette Weekend” please visit the iChannel website at


And to learn more about thenew and unique ways that iChannel continues to break through digital media inorder to promote independent music artists, please visit foradditional details or contact iChannel Program Director Ken Williams at (314) 983-6262or

About iChannel

iChannelstands for “Independent Artist Channel.” iChannel is the source of music from the best Independent Artists fromaround the world, and the premiere destination to be the “First to Hear, First to Know”SM directly from the originators of new, independentmusic from all 50 states in the U.S. and 29 other countries.


Producedthrough Bonneville International Corporation’s St. Louis studios, iChannelprovides independent and unsigned artists a high-quality network of radiostations online as well as on HD Radio across the U.S. with a sophisticated presentationto promote and distribute their music, free of charge. Independent Artists connect to key music influencers oniChannel to promote upcoming concerts, share band information and more, rightin that moment.
iChannel is for those who appreciate the best independent music from across theglobe. Listeners tune in daily from all over the world to hear this amazingrotation of music while browsing profiles to discover new artists and theirmusic, see pictures and videos, read blogs, download podcasts of in-studioperformances and check reviews from iChannel’s Live on-air DJ’s and othermusic-oriented contributors. All with the ability to instantly share thediscovery with their inner circle and across connected networks throughwebsites, mobile devices, blogs, and email.


iChannelis owned and operated by Bonneville International ( an award-winning, dynamicand diversified media company with television, radio, advertising, andsatellite operations in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Phoenix, St. Louis,Cincinnati, and Salt Lake City. Known not only as a leader in the industry but also as a values-drivencompany, Bonneville’s mission is to "Make a Difference" in thecommunities where it operates. Bonneville is a national leader in providingquality, values-oriented media products and is headquartered in Salt Lake City,Utah.


For moreinformation regarding iChannel, please visit their web site at

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