Tattoo Expo Returns

images.jpgThe Old School Tattoo Expo returns to St. Louis

On November 14th, 15th and 16th, The Fourth Annual Old School Tattoo Expo
will be at the Holiday Inn Select Convention Center, 811 North 9th Street in
Downtown St Louis.
This year, the Expo will have over 100 nationally known tattoo artists from
25 States and 4 countries, showing their portfolios and offering their
tattooing skills to the public. These are the same artists you see in the
magazines and on TV. All styles of tattooing will be available, such as
portrait, lettering, color, realistic, black and grey, old school, new
school and fantasy.
For the first time in St Louis, there will be demonstrations of the ancient
method of Chinese hand poking.
There will also be vendors selling jewelry, books and clothing, seminars for
artists, presentations for the public and tattoo contests every day. At the
tattoo contest, the public gets to show off their tattoos and compete for
cash and prizes. This year, there will be a $500.00 cash prize for the best
tattoo given over the weekend.
With the success of the TV reality shows and tattooing being so popular, the
Tattoo Expo is good for the community. It cuts threw the glitz and fantasy
of TV and lets you actually witness a person getting a tattoo. It’s the
perfect opportunity to meet professional artists, see incredible art and
discover what it takes to get a safe, professional and quality tattoo.
Promoter Lyle Tuttle is a 76 year old retired tattoo artist, who is best
known for his studio in San Francisco during the 70’s. He has tattooed such
famous people as Janis Joplin, Cher and the Gregg Alman. He has been on the
cover of Rolling Stone, and on Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin (with John
Lennon), Tom Snyder and recently on National Geographic’s Discovery. He now
travels the world as an ambassador of tattooing and maintains the largest
tattoo museum in the world.
Co-promoter Bill DeMichele is a professional photographer with the largest
photographic collection of tattooed people in the world. He has been
involved in the tattoo industry for over 20 years and has had exhibits at
the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian
Art, The Royal Museum in Sydney Australia and the National Mariners Museum.
He is senior photographer of International Tattoo Art Magazine and is author
of the book "The Illustrated Women".
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