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news_mac.jpgArts Education Program grant guidelines for fiscal year 2009 are now available on the Missouri Arts Council website.


The Missouri Arts Council  Arts Education Program

Arts Education Program grant guidelines for fiscal year 2009 (July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009) are now available on the Missouri Arts Council website .

MAC arts education grant and professional development programs are designed to strengthen the place of the arts as a core academic subject in the regular school curriculum, and to promote integrating the arts into non-arts classrooms and in out of school programs. MAC works with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to ensure that these programs support student achievement.

Eligibility and Funding Categories

MAC accepts arts education applications from the following types of organizations and/or agencies: Public school districts; private K-12 schools; community arts organizations; youth organizations; social service organizations; arts organizations, colleges and universities; city parks departments; chambers of commerce; and government agencies.

Organizations receiving MAC funds from programs such as Discipline Program Assistance and Community Arts Program may submit an additional application to Arts Education Program for a different project that fits one of the grant categories described below:

   – Artist in Residence is designed to strengthen school fine arts curriculum (dance, drama, literature, music, and visual arts) or other curriculum (communication arts, social studies, math, or science). A residency must include hands-on experience between the artist and target and exposure groups within the school and community. Residencies integrating fine arts content into non-arts curriculum should align studies in the fine arts with relevant themes taught in non-arts classrooms. Alternatively, the Artist in Residence could be a community based project with a focus outside of the school environment.

   – Out of School supports quality arts education programs for pre-K through 12th grade students that take place outside of the normal classroom day. This program subsidizes expenses for activities that serve at-risk, urban, and/or rural underserved youth. It is open to all nonprofit organizations and schools, except for MAC Established Institutions award recipients.

    – Professional Development supports projects that present qualified speakers to teachers, school administrators, and teaching artists. Activities that develop skills for teaching the arts and for integrating the arts into non-arts curriculum are eligible. Adherence to the High-Quality Professional Development Standards , as defined by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, will be a funding consideration.

MAC funds may be used for artist fees, artist travel expenses, and project-related educational materials and supplies. Projects should allow artists to work directly with students and teachers and may also engage parents, business and community members through a variety of activities – workshops, classroom activities, performances, exhibitions, etc.

Download the Guidelines

Download Arts Education guidelines and fillable application form from the website.

Eligible organizations may submit arts education applications for the annual or monthly review cycle.

Annual Review Cycle:
– Draft Application due February 5; Final Application due March 3
– Maximum request: $10,000

Monthly Review Cycle:
– First deadline is May 5 for projects occurring July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009.
  Complete deadline schedule available at the bottom of Application Forms page.
– Maximum request: $2,500

*Using the Fillable Form
Download the free software Adobe Reader 8.1 to use the fillable application form. Several features of the application will not work properly with older versions of Adobe Reader. These savable forms are made possible with new software. Previously, changes could not be saved unless you owned or purchased special software.


If you have questions after reviewing the guidelines and application form, contact Julie Hale, Program Specialist for Arts Education, at toll free 866-407-4752, 314-340-6845, TDD 800-735-2966, or

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