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film.jpgGrand Center Collaborates with KDHX’s Media Arts Department to Select Five Directors to Shoot Movies Using District as Backdrop






          In an effort to support local independent filmmakers, Grand Center and KDHX are collaborating to create "Grand Center Shorts," a St. Louis event that will premiere on Thursday, October 16. 
           "Grand Center Shorts" is Grand Center’s first ever filmmaking invitational.  Grand Center and KDHX have asked five filmmakers to produce a four-to-seven minute short film that uses the arts district as a backdrop.  Each of the films will be shown first at a screening in the Kranzberg Arts Center located on Grand and Olive, October 16, and again during Cinema St. Louis’s St. Louis International Film Festival in November. 
           Five different films with varying storylines and in a variety of genres are being created for the "Grand Center Shorts" event.  KDHX selected the filmmakers based upon their past works and diversity of projects and talents.  The completed films in the "Grand Center Shorts" series will include one experimental, one animated, one documentary and two narrative genres. Each director will be paid $1,000 as part of the commission in an effort to help move independent film production forward in the St. Louis community while connecting a new audience with the filmmakers. 
           "We’re seeing a real Renaissance in filmmaking, especially here in St. Louis," said Doug Whyte, Director of Media Arts Programs for KDHX. "Today filmmakers have access like never
before to the equipment needed to make films. With the addition of the Web and technology, filmmakers can create art that captures their vision and also serves a use and function, such as adding
video content into websites. These filmmakers are extremely talented and they’re hungry for new and cutting edge opportunities, which is why ‘Grand Center Shorts’ is such an interesting project
to provide to them at this time." 
Grand Center Shorts – Five Directors Create Films in Grand Center
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           "We, along with KDHX, wanted to select the filmmakers based upon the quality of their work and the multiplicity of their storylines. It was important to us that we showcase a variety of filmmaking genres, all while threading Grand Center into the backdrop," said John Killacky, Grand Center’s Art Director. "Grand Center wanted the opportunity to support local artists, specifically filmmakers, by giving them a forum to work, create and grow an audience.  Overall, ‘Grand Center Shorts’ is another important way we can support local artists by creating events and programs that connect the district’s venues, organizations, galleries and businesses in addition to bringing more creative energy into Grand Center itself." 
          "KDHX is a great supporter of filmmakers in the area, which is why we brought the ‘Grand Center Shorts’ idea to them to collaborate," said Kelly Weber, Director of Grand Center’s Arts Programming.  "KDHX has been instrumental in creating and working with filmmakers on events including ‘The 48 Hour Film Project,’ ‘Coming Up Shorts,’ and the International Documentary Challenge.’ It made perfect sense to align our organizations and create ‘Grand Center Shorts,’ using KDHX’s resources and expertise, to choose filmmakers that will help make this event a success." 
           The films for Grand Center Shorts include:
§         "The Renaissance of the River City," by Carson Minow – a short documentary on the cultural and social restoration of St. Louis City;
§         "The Watcher," by Richard Taylor – a chronicle of the comings and goings of everyday people through the eyes of a Gargoyle that sits high above on the cornice of one of the Grand Center buildings;
§         "Urban Motions," by Zlatko Cosic – (working title) an experimental movie taking the audience through an abstract journey using dance and the architecture of Grand Center to tell the story;
§         "Coda," by Kenny Kinds – a story of the things that drive us; how memories actively shape us every day as experienced through the eyes of character, Wes Journey;
§         "Rumor Central" (working title), by Joe Millitzer and Katie Johannes Millitzer – an animated film noir that combines hand drawn illustration and computer animation.  Two short musical numbers and a vivid cast of characters add to the humorous tale of mystery and misunderstanding.

Grand Center Shorts – Five Directors Create Films in Grand Center
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           Also in Grand Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri has opened its headquarters in the magnificently renovated Woolworth building on Olive and Grand. The Big Brothers Big Sisters Building will be home to Craft Alliance’s second location in St. Louis. The building will also house the Kranzberg Arts Center opening in early fall and will feature the ‘Grand Center Shorts’ as part of its fabulous fall line-up. The Kranzberg Arts Center features two performance spaces. The "Black Box" will seat 110 in a theater style setting; the, "Studio" is a flexible performance space that will house around 80 patrons with night club-style seating.  Each space can be rented as event space.
               For additional information on Grand Center’s Arts Programming, call 314-289-1591.

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