KWUR Week 2008

1863872.jpgWashington University’s annual music event KWUR Week is rapidly approaching and this year, like all the rest, features an eclectic mix of music. Much of it is free or very inexpensive. Check out the schedule below and prepare to enter the one of the nicest campuses in our fair city. 







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Wednesday, February 27
Venue: The Gargoyle
Doors: 7:30 Show: 8:00
Tickets: FREE with Wash U ID, $5 for the public (+18)
Featuring: Twilight Sentinels (Indianapolis), Serengeti (Chicago), G to the T (St. Louis), Nato Caliph with DJ Crucial (STL), Earthworms (STL)

About the Artists: This show will feature various artists from St. Louis independent hip-hop label F5 Records, including Earthworms, Nato Caliph with DJ Crucial, Serengeti, and Twilight Sentinels. Local artist G to the T will also join the line-up. Headlining the show will be Indianapolis’ Twilight Sentinels, comprised of Mike L. Night and Joe Harvey. The group dedicates an unparalleled level of energy to their live set, bringing to life the music from their debut EP, Preliminary Hearing. Nato Caliph, known as “The Move Man,” gets audiences on their feet and dancing to thought-provoking, socially conscious lyrics. Caliph has collaborated with artists such as Murphy Lee of the St. Lunatics. Caliph will be joined by DJ Crucial, known locally in St. Louis as President of F5 Records, as well as a prolific DJ and producer. On his debut album, Dirty Flamingo, Chicago’s Serengeti flips hip-hop clichés inside out and backwards, creating a unique sound drawing from a smorgasbord of influences. Earthworms, 2006 Riverfront Times hip-hop artist of the year, will arrive just in time to showcase the work from their freshly released sophomore effort Bottle Full of Bourbon – a follow up to their critically acclaimed debut full-length, No Arms, No Legs, Just a Head and a Body. Local artist G to the T will open the show.  

Thursday, February 28
Venue: The Gargoyle
Doors: 8:00 Show: 8:30
Tickets: Free with Wash U ID, $5 for the public (+18)
Featuring: Berlin Whale (STL) and Jumbling Towers (STL) with Elsinore (Champaign) opening

About the Artists: Both Berlin Whale and Jumbling Towers have been dominant forces in the local St. Louis music scene. Berlin Whale is four-piece rock outfit consisting of vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist Trevor Berkholtz, guitarist/vocalist Nate Bethel, bassist/vocalist Jesse Loeffler and drummer Matt Walk. Having played a slew of Mid-West shows over the past couple of years, the band’s on-stage energy has helped develop a significant following. Their sound is not easy to pin down, however, the Riverfront Times summarized their music as having “healthy doses of buzzing keyboards, hyperactive guitar melodies, frantic disco beats and driving bass.” Berlin Whale has a full-length album out on Factorize/Divide Records. Jumbling Towers is an independent rock group comprised of singer/keyboardist/guitarist Joe DeBoer, bassist/vocalist Nate Drexler, drummer Scott Ingram, and keyboardist/guitarist Kyle McConaghy. Their self-titled debut album has garnered critical acclaim throughout the Midwest for their unique macabre dance-pop sound. Up-and-comers out of Champaign, Elsinore, will open.

Friday, February 29
Venue: The Gargoyle
Doors: 8:00 Show: 8:30
Tickets: Free with Wash U ID, $5 for the public (+18)
Featuring: The Zydepunks (New Orleans) with Water Bears (STL) opening

About the Artist: Offbeat Magazine called The Zydepunks “one of New Orleans’ most rousing live performers.” Innovators, renegades, survivors – within a few years, The Zydepunks have grown from underground heroes into one of New Orleans’ most talked about bands. Yiddish riddles, Irish ballads, Cajun punk, and original songs in Spanish and German are a small demonstration of why they astound new audiences. Wild folk dances fronted by accordion and fiddle and backed by relentless drums and bass are a testament to the high-energy folk-punk dance craze that is a Zydepunks show. The Zydepunks began in 2004 and quickly took the New Orleans music scene by storm with their speedy and amped-up versions of European and Louisiana folk music. Vocal stylings in six languages (German, French, Spanish, Yiddish, English, Portuguese) immediately set the band apart, not to mention their use of the violin, fiddle, accordion, and melodica. Their own original work has given the band a more cohesive feel while staying true to their sound. The band has made regular appearance at the Voodoo Music Fest and will be appearing at this year’s New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. The Zydepunks recently released their highly-anticipated third album, Exile Waltz on Nine Mile Records in August 2007 and are currently working on a 2008 release. Local duo, Water Bears, will open.

Saturday, March 1
Venue: The Gargoyle
Doors: 8:00 Show: 8:30
Tickets: Free with Wash U ID, $10 for the public (+18)
Featuring: The Octopus Project (Austin, TX), Pattern Is Movement (Philadelphia, PA) with Say Panther (STL) opening

About the Artists: In October 2007 The Octopus Project released their third full-length album Hello, Avalanche on Peek-A-Boo Records. The album is a bold step forward musically and artistically for the band, whose recent successes include playing the Coachella Festival, headlining Brooklyn’s McCarren Park Pool Party, and several sold-out nationwide tours, receiving a proclamation as one of Rolling Stone’s five stand-out artists at SXSW by Senior Editor David Fricke. With ragged, furious distorted guitars at one end of the spectrum and the pure, luminescent tones of the Theremin at the other, the members of The Octopus Project mine a staggering variety of sounds in between (via strings, synthesizers, drums, glockenspiel, trombones, etc.), filling their songs with brilliant contrasting colors and cascading waves of sonic bliss. Although Josh Lambert, Yvonne Lambert and Toto Miranda each have their instrumental specialties, they spread ideas out on as many instruments as possible, each writing for and performing on any sound-maker they can find. Mostly instrumental, their sound is strange, yet beautiful and engaging. Philadelphia’s Pattern Is Movement, the duo of Andrew Thiboldeaux and Chris Ward, is a group that, simply put, pushes the limits of musical innovation. Pattern is Movement creates an experimental, avant-garde pop sound making a convincing argument that less is more. The band most recently shared the stage with The Dirty Projectors for a New Years Eve show at Manhattan’s famed Knitting Factory venue and have received warm reviews from the likes of pitchfork and stereogum. Local indie-rock act, Say Panther, will open.

Monday, March 3 2008
Venue: 560 Building, 560 Trinity at Delmar, Wash. U. Music Dept.
Doors: 6:30 Show: 7:00
Tickets: Free For All
Sponsors: KWUR 90.3FM, St. Louis Symphony Community Partnerships Program, Wash U. Department of Music
Featuring: Silvian Iticovici, violin; Jooyeon Kong, violin; Ken Kulosa, cello; Paul
Garritson, clarinet; Seth Carlin, piano

About the artists: Silvian Iticovici and Jooyeon Kong are violinists with the St. Louis
Symphony.  Ken Kulosa is a local cellist and performs with the Kingsbury Ensemble.  Paul Garritson is a professor of music at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  Seth Carlin is a professor of music at Washington University.  This concert features music of Aaron Copland and Olivier Messiaen.  The highlight is Messiaen’s "Quartet for the End of Time", in commemoration of the centenary of Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992).

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