Ho, Ho…D’oh!

donut.jpgThe Simpsons Movie DVD hits store shelves on December 18th, and Springfield’s finest are celebrating by giving the greatest gift of all: free parking in downtown St. Louis.



Everyone’s favorite four-fingered, yellow-skinned family took plenty of money from their fans at the ticket booth this summer, with their debut theatrical feature The Simpsons Movie generating more than $500 million dollars globally. With the feature film hitting shelves on DVD and Blu-Ray from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on Tuesday, December 18th, now they’re giving back by picking up the tab on your holiday parking.


From 8 AM to 5 PM on December 18th, 171 parking meters on Market Street between Broadway and 20th Street in downtown St. Louis will be free of charge, courtesy of the Simpsons. The free meters will be marked with 3-foot Mylar balloons depicting Homer Simpson’s favorite strawberry frosted donuts. The free parking is being financed by the Simpsons through St. Louis City Treasurer Larry Williams’ office in the form of a donation to the St. Louis Gateway Classic Foundation.


St. Louis isn’t the only city getting the deluxe Simpsons treatment; the entire city of New York is being "Simpsonized" with 3 separate city-wide events that culminate in the Empire State Building, which will be decorating the skyline in Simpsons yellow.


The Simpsons Movie retails for $29.98 on DVD and $39.98 on Blu-Ray, and is rated PG-13. For more information, visit www.simpsonsmovie.com.

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