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concerts_ulsohn.jpgBlind Melon | Pop's, 03.24





Blind Melon | Pop's, 03.24

Picking up seemingly right where they left off 12 years earlier, this all-original-member (other than the lead vocalist, of course) reunion and re-birth of one of the 90's most original bands couldn't have sounded better than it did at this performance. If spirits do exist, then Shannon Hoon's surely gave this show his seal-of-approval.

Nada Surf | The Bluebird, 06.07

Still in their original-member format for their approximately decade-long existence, Matthew Caws and Co. met (and exceeded) the high standard that they have always set for themselves with this energetic performance. Even the noticeably inadequate air conditioning didn't diminish the enjoyment of this near-capacity show, especially when one of my favorite older songs, the somewhat obscure "80 Windows," was played.

Love as Laughter | The Bluebird, 09.16

Does anybody remember laughter? OK, how about Love as Laughter, that highly underexposed and underappreciated '90s band from the Seattle area that got overshadowed by the grunge craze? Apparently, only about 40 St. Louisans can answer "yes" to that question -- they were the fortunate few clued in enough to attend what was an absolutely stellar performance, featuring some tasty psychedelic-flavored instrumental jams.

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals | The Fox Theatre, 10.04

Despite Adams' reputation as a performer who often has mini-mental meltdowns and/or temper tantrums on stage, this two-set concert was devoid of any of that; the only entertainment this audience received was exactly the kind that they came for. The show's closer, one of Adams' most hauntingly beautiful songs "I See Monsters," contained an expanded instrumental ending that built up to a powerful climax (almost) comparable to sex.

The Faint | The Pageant, 12.12

The show's solo opening act hit the nail right on the head at the end of his odd, yet entertaining set when he referred to The Faint as the best band to ever come out of Omaha. The somewhat small attendance size of this show allowed lots of space to dance, which was almost impossible not to do, especially while watching all of the band members physically getting into their music.

Honorable Mentions:

Darker My Love | The Billiken Club, 09.25

Calexico | Blueberry Hill's Duck Room, 11.09

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