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Stinkfoot is promoting Picture Code System as they head into this week’s PLAY:stl Festival. Check out the band this Thursday, September 16 at 9:00 p.m. at Vintage Vinyl.



Stinkfoot is a real St. Louis band. Self-described as a “gritty collection of four up-and-coming rockers,” the group is Jon Valentino on vocals and rhythm guitar, Chris Komorek on lead guitar, Marshall Marietta on the bass and Mike Kunz on the drums. Professionals by day, musicians by night, these Missouri boys are putting in their time in local clubs all over the area and pairing with some of the newest acts on the St. Louis scene. But while they might be starting small, they are certainly not thinking small. The band recently wrote, recorded and helped produce their first EP, Picture Code System.

First, the band recorded just one track, “Smile,” with Brad Booker, producer for Stir, Gravity Kills and Apartment 26. Then the guys used that track to book live shows and built a fan base through relentless, hard-hitting self-promotion. Admittedly newbies, they hope that if they work hard enough, no one will notice. Marietta, a founding member, says, “We started out with almost no experience. We just wanted to write some songs and work together to put on a high-energy live show.” Stinkfoot got the opportunity to head back into the studio with Booker and record additional songs in the early part of 2010.

The result was Picture Code System, a solid offering of five strong, textured tracks, released in June.It boasts insightful lyrics and shows off a great rhythm section with interesting drum and bass lines. Komoerk’s guitar shines throughout, led by Valentino’s consistent vocals. “We are really proud of this collection of songs,” says Valentino. “The songs reflect where we are in our lives and I think the audience feels that when we perform. We love this music.”
Marietta says, “Failing is by far my favorite song. It is such an exciting song to play live, with such a powerful chorus. We worked really hard on that song with the layered build on the bridge—starting with bass, adding a guitar and adding another guitar moving into the solo. The way Chris plays the solo on the track is simply amazing to me. I get chills every time I hear it.”
Another fan favorite is “Stronger.” This track is one of the most vocally developed on the EP and is truly a throwback to the nineties rock sounds. The strength of the vocals really carries over into live performances. And playing live is what really drives the band. They approach local gigs with a set list stacked with their own original songs.
Stinkfoot is promoting Picture Code System as they head into this week’s PLAY:stl Festival. Check out the band this Thursday, September 16 at 9:00 p.m. at Vintage Vinyl. For more information and a full schedule for PLAY:stl, visit | Raymee Alper
RIYL:Breaking Benjamin, Gravity Kills, Tool, Three Doors Down

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