The Deaf Judges (Emerald City Ruins)

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cd_deaf-judges.jpgNot only are the beats a mix of old and new, the lyrics are old-school underground resembling styles of NaS.







The Deaf Judges are a four-man hip-hop crew formed in southern Georgia. They have an old-school sound, yet incorporate their Southern roots with modern music to create a different sound of hip-hop. Though they are a fairly new group, they have shared the mic with such artists as Ghostface Killah, RJD2, Three 6 Mafia and more. While the group may be new to the music scene, their sound is classic old hip-hop.

The beats featured in the new Emerald City Ruins ruin are very different. While some, like the song "Snake Charmin," are slow, bass-filled and inspired by Southern rap, other songs are more upbeat, energetic and electronic, like "BoomBox LunchBox." The group took older hip-hop beats and added their own flavor to create new beats that sound, well, old.

Not only are the beats a mix of old and new, the lyrics are old-school underground resembling styles of NaS. Because the lyrics recall those of '90s underground rap, they are rooted in very strong emotions. The album is lyrically strong and contains words that carry meaning and significance, just like hip-hop should. The Deaf Judges created an album that introduces new sounds to the old-school, hip-hop music. | Shelley Kaur

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