Quintron | Too Thirsty 4 Love (Goner)

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cd_quintron.jpgQuintron breaks out another funky and fun record on the edge of wilderness.






Quintron might be one of the last American treasures in the shrinking world of music. Over ten albums, he's perfected a method and style that is devoid of compromise; inspired, but definitely all his own. He's an inventor, a nightclub owner, a bit of an enigma, and a cultural fixture of New Orleans; he's the sort of man that Greil Marcus prays for. Joined by his hand-crafted Drum Buddy and the lovely Miss Pussycat, they've become a favorite of those terminally in-the-know around the world. On Too Thirsty 4 Love, they break out another funky and fun record on the edge of wilderness.

Maybe five years ago, when there was a lot more energy floating around in music, it would be easier to dismiss Quintron as a gimmick but with the rise of bands like Ssion and Gravy Train, with their witty concepts and driven aesthetics, Quintron looks to have father one of  the more interesting movements in music right now. Admittedly, songs like "Sunday Night," with its faux British pub song vibe, won't be on your playlist, but like most of Quintron's more experimental tracks, it compliments the more centered efforts like "Grey Ghost" and "Walk to the Harvest." On the whole, it's one of the more structured Quintron releases, and even then, it's hardly boring.

Quintron's organ riffing on Too Thirsty 4 Love may not bring the ruckus like on Are You Ready for an Organ Solo? (arguably his best release) but it's impossible to deny his proficiency the electric organ, proving that Hammonds are still good for things besides hokey blues rock bands. Quintron has a flair for phrasings and progressions that feel familiar ("The Boss Wants to Party With You") but it's his playing, heavy but not ham-fisted, aggressive but calculated, that makes his overdriven Leslie warbles memorable and decidedly more soulful than whatever Eric Clapton is doing right now. Miss Pussycat comes off more comfortable than ever, coming off as the best kindergarten teacher in the world and at times equaling Mr. Quintron in vocal presence. It feels like a natural progression from last year's Jamskate EP in the best way.

It is always a struggle to describe what makes Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat so awesome. They're living artists, undeniably funny and creative, and have solidified themselves as one of the most unique duos in modern American culture. Words seem to fall flat compared to the action and stimulation of listening for yourself. You won't regret it. B | Bryan J. Sutter

RIYL: Andre Williams, SSION, Blowfly

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