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Midian.170x170-75It’s easy to see that Midian appreciates the craft of being an artist and knows the sound she wants for herself.

As per Monday night usual, I take in my weekly dose of “ratchet” TV—shows that highlight the ultimate flaws of people while also airing their dirty laundry—nothing that I gain a bit of brain cells watching, but it’s oh, so good to look on with the rest of Twitter.

However, in watching such shows like the Love and Hip Hop series, there’s one thing I do gain, and that’s an affinity for the music tied to each episode. Here’s where Miss Midian comes in: I was intently tweeting while watching Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta and all of a sudden and I heard “I’m so bitter…” being belted out. I glanced up to the TV screen and saw nothing but the black-and-white cover of Midian’s EP.

One thing I love about her voice is that it’s so strong and vibrato. Midian’s voice is a cross between Adele and the late, great Amy Winehouse, which, for me, is a perfect combination for her to bellow such tunes like “Bitter” and “Up in the Clouds” on her five-track self-titled EP.

Midian gives us relationships through the storytelling of regret, “I told you so,” and proclamation of love. “Too Bad,” the latest song to be featured on Love and Hip Hop: New York, details a relationship headed for the end in which she knows she’s irreplaceable, singing, “I am the best thing that you ever had/ You’re going to miss me, but that’s too bad.”

As if each song swiftly serves as a transition to the next feeling after the one we just heard, she gives her lover a warning that if he doesn’t want to miss her, he better “Love Her Now” or someone else is going get all of her love and appreciation.

Midian’s music is infused with such symphonic harmonies and instruments, and I love how the strumming of the violin and piano chord work together to build through the verses and hook anticipation for her voice as it knocks our socks off on the chorus of last track “Up in the Clouds”:

“I don’t even know you now. You don’t even know me now. I can feel the sky fall out/ Why you always run away climbing to a higher place? Gravity don’t matter now,” Midian sings inquisitively. “When you gonna come back down? When you gonna come back down?/ I’ll meet you on the ground, on the ground, on the ground, yeah. I’ll meet you on the ground, on the ground/ How you gonna feel the rain when you’re up in the clouds, up in the clouds/How you gonna feel the rain when you’re up in the clouds, up in the clouds/ Tell me how you feel the rain. Ooo oo, tell me how you feel the rain.”

It’s easy to see that Midian appreciates the craft of being an artist and knows the sound she wants for herself. Her vocal abilities are more than powerful, and I look forward to see what other tunes come from her. I just hope she doesn’t pigeonhole herself to being only a big vocals artist because that would be a disservice to her talent. I’m curious to hear how a Midian light tune would sound.

All in all, I love Midian’s philosophy: “I want to take my time with my work,” she says. “That’s something that’s really important to me and something that I feel like we’re lacking in 2013: The artist that really focuses on the integrity of the music and makes a cohesive project that makes sense.” And I look forward to loving her music, too. B| Ashley White

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