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cd adam-ant_75I’m incredibly happy—for you and me both—that you’re making music again, and that Blueblack Hussar is as good as it is.



Dear Adam:

(I hope you don’t mind me using your first name. “Mr. Ant” just seems so formal, especially in light of our long history together. Over 30 years! Who would have guessed my admiration would still be as strong as it was in my adolescence?)

Where can I start except to tell you how proud of you I am? Perhaps it’s a strange feeling to have, but I’m incredibly happy—for you and me both—that you’re making music again, and that Blueblack Hussar is as good as it is. I know you’ve been through some challenges (it’s unfortunate how the press sensationalizes everything, revealing personal details that really have no place in the public sphere), but you’ve still got that musical fire in you, and that is oh, so wonderful.

But really, I’m here to talk about your new album, which is pretty damn amazing. Although I’ve continued listening to your music over the years, I never realized just how good it would be to hear your voice delivering something new again. My speakers have come alive in a way they don’t often do, prompting feelings of joy as I sing along to your familiar inflections. I haven’t stopped playing Blueblack Hussar since its January 22 release, and expect I won’t turn it off for some time yet.

It’s hard to pick a favorite song, but near the top has to be “Shrink,” not only because it’s based on your personal struggles, but because I am immensely fascinated with psychology (and am medicated for my own mental maladies, as well). With this song, you ask the age-old question often posed by we, the prescription drug set: “Is it me or is it just medication?”

The guitar lines in “Sausage” and “Hardmentoughblokes” had me hooked from the get-go (oh, how I”ve missed Marco Pirroni!); I challenge any naysayers to listen to these tracks and not agree that you’ve still got it. “How Can I Say I Miss You” is both lyrically solid and sonically rewarding, a bit reminiscent of your American West/Kings of the Wild Frontier period. On “Punkyoungirl,” you do a great job of flirting with the old sexual proclivity of your youth without veering into dirty old man territory (hey, I’ve aged too; it happens). Not only that, but it’s an addictively fun song.

“Marrying the Gunner's Daughter” is another killer track often stuck in my head. Boz Boorer’s guitar is scintillating, and your vocals as honey-smooth and familiar as ever. I remember hearing you play “Vince Taylor” in Chicago last fall and liking it then; having time to sit with it one-on-one has furthered my appreciation. (It’s funny you mention Morrissey in this track, as the intro to another one of your songs, “Darlin’ Boy,” makes me think of his “Maladjusted.”) “Stay in the Game” is a solid song evocative of your older work, yet not at all derivative.

Although I know it’s too late, I have only one thought: Instead of recording new war whoops for “Who’s a Goofy Bunny Then,” I think it would have been cool to have used the original vocals from “Prince Charming.”

We could reminisce all day, but this is already too long and I’m sure you’ve got lots to do, what with promoting your new album and planning for the upcoming U.K. and U.S. tours. Know that, despite the infrequency of my communication, your music is never far from my ears. Truly, I thank you, Blueblack Hussar.

All the best, always,

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