Avril Lavigne | Goodbye Lullaby (RCA Records)

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Avril laces the album with a variety of emotions ranging from pain, to excitement, to relief, to finally appreciating and loving yourself through it all.



Have you ever heard an album and instantly wanted to rock out in the most independent fashion? If you listen to Goodbye Lullaby, the fourth studio album by (recently divorced) Avril Lavigne, you’ll understand exactly what I mean. This album is laced with tracks about what a relationship becomes when the love has left, but you still want to remain friends. The first track, “Black Star,” welcomes us into the album with its high-pitched piano keys as Avril hypnotizes with her voice, saying, “Black star, black star forever you will be a shining star, shining star/Be whatever you can be a rock star, rock star.”

“What the Hell” is classic Avril. Her sense of self-empowerment rages through as she’s telling the guy, “I don’t really care about if you love me, if you hate me. You can’t save me, baby” This girl simply wants to be free. “Push” shows that it takes two to make any relationship work, especially when things get tough.  Avril really allows herself to be vulnerable on this album, which is especially evident in the lyrics to “Wish You Were Here.” The most alluring aspects of Goodbye Lullaby are the upbeat love songs and guitar-filled ballads. Avril laces the album with a variety of emotions ranging from pain, to excitement, to relief, to finally appreciating and loving yourself through it all. These songs free her and release the person she’s become. “Darling” gives us one of the most honest lines on the entire album: “It’s hard to be stuck with people that you love when nobody trusts.” What do you do when you’re with someone who’s secretly unhappy, and you can do nothing about it? Nothing but love them the best that you can in hopes that their happiness will return, according to Avril.

The last three tracks, “Remember When,” “Goodbye,” and “Alice,” hearken back to the raw, personal and naked emotion of 2004’s Under My Skin, Avril’s most personal album to date. It’s evident the hurt she’s experiencing as she is finally breaking away from the one she loved in “Goodbye.” She belts out, “I have to go, I have to go, I have to go/ and leave you alone but always know, always know, always know that I love you so/ I love you so. Goodbye, brown eyes. Goodbye, my love.” The safari-esque drums and bass guitar call us to embark on the journey of building self-confidence and overcoming life’s difficult challenges on the concluding track, “Alice,” from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Avril is relentless on this journey and refuses to give in to failure or give up on her dreams. B- | Ashley White

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