George Michael | Faith (remastered 2010) (Epic Legacy)

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George Michael has got quite the ear for pop music.

George Michael never went away. Even when his name was top of the tabloids, his music endured. Say what you will about the life choices the man has made, he’s got quite the ear for pop music.
Don’t believe me? Give the 20th anniversary remastered version of his 1990 classic Faith a spin. You see? He never left us.
The special edition release includes two CD, one the remastered Faith, one a collection of bonus tracks; the box set also has a DVD with seven promotional videos and a 39-minute interview with U.K. TV and radio personality Jonathan Ross.
Admittedly, the bonus tracks on disc 2 are on the lightweight side. Both instrumental versions are sleepers; the Shep Pettibone remix of the killer “Hard Day” is basically the regular “Hard Day” with some stuff tacked on at the end; and the two edits of “Monkey” are simply unnecessary. The new-to-me tracks—“Fantasy,” “I Believe When I Fall in Love” and “Love’s in Need of Love Today”—were, however, nice additions to the reissue.
Let’s get to the meat of the reissue: Faith. You’ve gotta admit, this CD spawned a lot of singles: “Faith,” “Father Figure,” “I Want Your Sex” (here in a nine-plus-minute part one and part two rendition), “Kissing a Fool.” While the songs prove Michael’s enduring pop sensibility, they also showcase his strong vocals and ability to blend styles (“Kissing a Fool” being a prime example here—such a classic sound). The reissue should stand as homage to the former Wham! frontman’s 1990 solo debut. Faith: A- | Bonus discs: B- | Laura Hamlett
Faith – 2010 remastered
Father Figure
I Want Your Sex
One More Day
Hard Day
Hand to Mouth
Look At Your Hands
Kissing a Fool
A Last Request
Disc 2 (bonus tracks)
Faith instrumental
Hard Day (Shep Pettibone mix)
I Believe When I Fall in Love
Kissing a Fool instrumental
Love’s in Need of Love Today live
Monkey (7”edit)
Monkey a capella & beats
Monkey (Jam & Lewis remix)
Bonus DVD
Jonathan Ross interview special “Music, Money, Love, Faith”
7 promotional videos:
I Want Your Sex (uncensored)
I Want Your Sex (censored)
Father Figure
One More Try
Kissing a Fool


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