lips.jpgFacts, figures and a very brief history.

PLAYBACK:stl was started in April 2002 by Laura Hamlett and Jim Dunn. It was both a Web site and a print publication. The first issue, featuring They Might Be Giants was black and white and 12 pages. The montly (originally called Playback St. Louis Pop Culture) covered music and entertainment vital to its home city, but had no boundaries one where that entertainment came from. Our second issue featured the brilliant English rock band Elbow.

As the magazine entered is second and third years it grew in size and added color. The Web site added extra content with photo galleries, contests, event listings, and more articles. By 2006 it was poised to go national as a standard magazine rack publication when forces in the magazine industry and changes in the way people get their information helped us to make the decision to move operations fully to the Web (and we were broke).

Since then, the readership has grown by leaps and bounds on the Web. Current readership hovers at 80,000 unique visitiors each month and total hits average between three and four million per month. Our readership spans the globe with 10% of our readership living outside of the U.S. (we find we are very popular in Europe and South America – so don’t think we won’t hit you up for a place to stay on trips). We do a great deal of promotion for the site through participation in festivals like CMJ in New York and SXSW in Texas.


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Laura Hamlett is the Managing Editor of PLAYBACK:stl. In a past life, she was also a music publicist and band manager. Besides music, books, and other forms of popular culture, she's a fan of the psychology behind true crime and violent criminals. Ask her about mass murder...if you dare.

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