Hot Pursuit (Warner Bros, PG-13)

hot pursuit_75After the cookie-cutter, foreseeable ending there were the funny outtakes roll next to the credits—and it worked.


hot pursuit_500

From women, for women comes this new action comedy directed by Anne Fletcher (The Proposal, The Guilt Trip) starring Reese Witherspoon as an uptight, by-the-books cop, and Sofía Vergara as the hot trophy wife of a drug lord that needs to be taken to the courtroom in Dallas in order to testify.

After seeing the rather annoying trailer for this flick, my expectations were really low and therefore easily beaten—I actually found it to be pretty amusing at times. After all, looking at Sofía Vergara for an hour and a half can’t be that bad, right? Especially when she is wearing her tight little dresses and wobbling around on her stripper high heels, dragging around her extremely heavy luggage (which is naturally containing more shoes). It has the title Hot Pursuit for a reason.

Even though I am positive that older generations will be absolutely horrified by the rather dumb humor, I found Vergara’s stereotypical Latino reactions surprisingly funny (again, low expectations). Her heavily-accented English (and still mostly Spanish) mumbled up sentences fit her beautiful, yet vain character perfectly. The contrast to the tense, nerdy, poorly dressed cop with bad social skills (and hair) was pretty entertaining to watch, even though the plot basically went nowhere and everything was extremely on-the-nose predictable. Just like the rest of the typical big-screen comedies where two polar opposites are forced to spend time together and eventually find hilarious similarities between them, just to end up as friends at the end. One of these that comes to mind has the same idea with trying to chase down and bring someone somewhere because of the law – Andy Tennant’s The Bounty Hunter, starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler.

What I liked about Hot Pursuit, or at least what made me leave with a smaller eye-roll, was that after the cookie-cutter, foreseeable ending there were the funny outtakes roll next to the credits—and it worked. I guess there really must be something about slurring the wrong Spanish words and not remembering one’s lines. Or maybe people want to see more of what it’s like behind the Hollywood film curtain and automatically stay interested when they see the slate on screen. Either way, not a single person left the theater early.

Anyway, if you find yourself to be in the category of the more demanding audience, I suggest you stay clear and find a “funnier” comedy. However, if you are easily entertained, have low expectations with some time to spare, or just want to meet Sofía Vergara’s cleavage, I say go for it! | Lea Vrábelová

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