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Fast-and-Furious-7 75This is by far the very best of the Fast & Furious franchise.




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Just when you think they can’t raise the stakes any higher, Furious 7 does it again, and again, and again. This is by far the very best of the Fast & Furious franchise.

While the story stands on its own and there is no need to have seen any of the previous films, I’ll offer a brief synopsis for those who may be unfamiliar with Fast & Furious. Furious 7 picks up right where the previous film left off—Brian (Paul Walker) is happy with his family. Dom (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) are attempting to rebuild their relationship with the loss of Letty’s memory. Then, Shaw (Jason Statham) shows up to avenge his brother and all hell breaks loose as Dom gets the team back together to fight for their safety.

Fast & Furious is one of the few franchises that truly improves with each new film. Furious 7 offers everything we have come to know and love about Fast & Furious on an unbelievable scale. The cars are faster, the guns are bigger, the family bond is tighter, and the death-defying stunts are out of this world.

In the course of this 137-minute film, I laughed, bit every single one of my nails, held my breath, and cried—both sad and happy tears.

The adrenaline in Furious 7 is insane. Scene after scene you’re thinking “there is no way they can top that” or “they won’t do that—they won’t go that far,” but they do. Every time. Fast & Furious has become known for its epic stunts, so it’s not a matter of the characters doing things that are actually possible, it’s about them doing stunts that are bigger and crazier than the previous film, or the previous scene, for that matter.

As expected, everything about this film is loud, from the car engines, to the explosions, to the dialogue. There are points when characters are having what should be a covert conversation, but it seems as if everyone in the room can hear them. I mention this because while unrealistic, these moments don’t take away from the film because they are what make it Fast & Furious. It’s not meant to be realistic, it’s meant to blow your mind, and it does just that.

Since I am a die-hard Fast & Furious fan, I feel like I should attempt to be objective and mention a drawback of the film, so I will say there is a scene between Dom and Shaw that runs a bit long for my taste and slows the fast-paced action sequence a bit.

The cast of this film is phenomenal together. They’re a family both on and off screen and their chemistry is undeniable. I commend newcomer Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays computer hacker Ramsey, for joining the team and fitting right in. She held her own and really brought her character to life among a cast that has been together for seven films now.

Fast & Furious fans will not be disappointed. The cast, along with director James Wan, comes through with everything fans are expecting and more. They also included a beautiful tribute to the late Paul Walker—may he rest in peace—that I’m sure all fans will be happy with.

If you’re not a fan of the franchise, Furious 7 has something for everyone. It’s a great action film that incorporates romance and comedy, and the story explores love, loss, and loyalty.

See this movie in theaters. I will most definitely be seeing it again. | Samantha LaBat

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