Boynton Beach Club (Roadside Attractions/Samuel Goldwyn Films, NR)

While the story has heartwarming moments, the plot never really coalesces which leaves the viewer wondering what the point of the movie is.



Is 60 sexy? The Boynton Beach Club tries to affirm this as it follows a group of senior citizens dealing with the loss of a loved one as they try to start their lives over again. The film's premise centers around a bereavement club-an organization formed to help Boynton Beach's residents deal with the loss of loved ones. Playing off the stereotype that Florida is for the newlywed and the nearly dead, the film kicks off with Marilyn's (Brenda Vaccaro) husband being run over by a neighbor. Because news travels quickly in the neighborhood, Marilyn is invited by Lois (Dyan Cannon) to join the local grief group to help ease her pain. Additionally, Jack (Len Cariou) loses his wife and he also is invited to the club.

Filling out the rest of the club is Harry (Joseph Bologna), the stud of the group, Sandy (Sally Kellerman), the sultry siren, and Donald (Michael Nouri), who becomes Lois's love interest. The film then chronicles the hurdles (i.e. impotence, deception) that senior citizens must overcome to find true love in the golden years. While the story has heartwarming moments, the plot never really coalesces which leaves the viewer wondering what the point of the movie is.

Despite a weak plot, the actors assembled for this film did turn in some fun performances. Vaccaro surprised me the most by giving her best performance since 1984's Supergirl. Sure, the talented actress has made some decent cameos on top sitcoms (Friends, The King of Queens), but this film allows the actress to flex her fantastic acting chops giving her one of the best roles in the film. Not to be outdone, Cannon sizzles every time she hits the screen, looking sexier by the moment as she struts her toned body and perfectly pouty lips every chance she gets. Both women give the mostly flat film some depth and sensuality. Not far behind is Kellerman turning in her usual, overly sexual performance-but I could have done without seeing the actress's naked body, flaws and all.

The men of the film give strong performances but seem to fade against their vibrant female counterparts. Each of the three leading men have their moments in the spotlight, but it's only Nouri who manages to capture my attention for the entire film. Dripping with charisma, the actor proved that men in their 60s can be just as sexy as 20-year-old up and comers.

If it seems like I am talking too much about how sexy everyone is, this is mainly what the film seems to center around. Almost every scene deals with the lusty seniors either talking about getting it on, physically getting it on, or dealing with the fact that they can't get it on. With passion in their hearts and Viagra in their pockets, the residents of Boynton Beach must be some of the horniest seniors in the whole state of Florida. Wrapping up the overly sexual story with a big giant romantic bow, director Susan Seidelman misses the mark with her Singles meets Cocoon love story.


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