Shark Collection (Inception Media Group, NR)

dvd shark-collectionAs usual, humans are the main cause for the shark’s terrifying reputation.


Shark Collection gives us a detailed look under the skin and into the mind of the ocean’s most feared predator. Sharks are widely misunderstood, endangered creatures feared all over the world. This Smithsonian Channel collection of three educational programs tries to reverse the public’s opinion about this dangerous fish before it’s too late. I was skeptical about the shark not being guilty before I watched this DVD—there was a shark attack at my beach just yesterday—but after seeing this, I now understand that we do really give the shark too much bad press. And, as usual, humans are the main cause for the shark’s terrifying reputation.

Shark Girl is the story of the extremely dedicated Madison Stewart, an absolute shark fanatic and activist, whose life mission is to save her favorite animal by changing the world’s view and opinions about it. Growing up with sharks and diving since she was a little kid, Madison is in love with these creatures and will do anything at all in her strength to help them. She dropped out of school at 14 and started running around (or diving) with a camera. With acts such as testing shark meat for mercury and toxins, she is trying to change peoples’ minds about hunting her best friends. Following Madison’s actions and talks with various biologists, we learn how important the shark is for our underwater world, and how dangerous it is for us to consume it.

Death Beach, located at the east coast of South Africa, is known to be the most dangerous beach of all: six deaths in five years. Analyzing what suddenly happened to this surfing paradise to change the number of shark attacks, we talk to experts and follow locals who are now too scared to get into the water. Shark attacks all over the world suddenly spike in numbers, but the human is not (or should not) normally be on the shark’s daily menu. Tracking down the species, we get a close-up look at this dreaded predator, and reasons why it constantly attacks clueless swimmers and surfers.

Great White Code Red takes an unprecedented look at the mind and habits of a killer, taking it out of the water and under the knife to reveal the reasons behind its attacks. Shark specialist Geremy Cliff and sensory biologist Craig O’Connell literally go beneath the skin of the predator, and pick it apart to reveal the inner secrets of the great white shark. From first detection to last bite, we are given the detailed explanation of every piece of the animal, with images sometimes not easy to stomach. The Great White is a highly sensitive, intelligent hunter with alien-like senses, and it should be valued and respected, not dreaded and hunted.

Even after viewing Shark Collection, these predators are still very terrifying to me, even if I now understand much more about them. I am truly amazed by this creature and definitely think people need to educate themselves more before they run off blaming the species for their own mistakes. This documentary mini-set is full of amazing footage; it does not drag, and really is a great source to learn the truth behind the frightening predator. The shark is an incredible animal and needs to be protected and respected. | Lea Vrábelová

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