Scissor Sisters: Live in Victoria Park (Wienerworld, NR)

scissorsister213 75The crowd is a bit low-energy also, perhaps due to the festival having been plagued with heavy rainstorms (it’s hard to cut a rug in the mud).


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My introduction to the Scissor Sisters was on the Thanksgiving episode of Glee this fall, when Kurt, Rachel, and their guests (including Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Isabelle) performed “Let’s Have a Kiki” in a demented mashup with “Turkey Lurkey Time.” Needless to say, I rushed to YouTube to find the original version, and became a diehard Scissor Sisters fan on the spot. They’re smart, they’re ironic, and they’re funny—what’s not to like? In case you’re wondering what the name means, it’s one answer to the question of “Whatever could two women find to do in bed together?”

Sad to say, I’m a little less taken with their performance on the DVD Scissor Sisters: Live in Victoria Park, although it’s still a pleasant concert film that may help induce thoughts of a sunny summer in the midst of our current Midwestern winter. What you get with this DVD is primarily a recorded concert from the band as they performed at the music festival Lovebox at Victoria Park in London in 2011. (Hint: Sunday is gay day at this particular festival.)

Scissor Sisters provide a perfectly pleasant performance and we can see that they’re working it hard, but none of the songs really stand out and command your attention. The crowd is a bit low-energy also, perhaps due to the festival having been plagued with heavy rainstorms (it’s hard to cut a rug in the mud). Songs performed on this DVD include “Night Work, “Take Your Mama,” “Comfortably Numb,” “Paul McCartney,” and “Invisible Light.”

This is not a highly produced DVD, and as a result the sound quality is not great. The whole performance has a muted quality, and there are the usual live performance glitches that could have been cleaned up in post, but weren’t. On the plus side, the relatively low-tech nature of the concert does present more of a sense that we’re hearing real musicians making music, live and in person, than I have ever gotten from the overproduced concerts that have become the rule for Madonna, Beyoncé, and the like.

The DVD of Scissor Sisters: Live in Victoria Park is just under an hour in length, and, except for two brief interview segments, is a straightforward presentation of their festival performance. The only extras on the disc are a song selection menu, and two additional songs, “Harder You Get” and “Running Out.” Overall, it feels a bit thin, and does not provide the best introduction to the band—if you’re not familiar with them, I’d recommend We Are Scissor Sisters…and So Are You instead, or just browsing YouTube for a while–but if you’re already a fan and have completest tendencies, you may want to check out this DVD. | Sarah Boslaugh

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