A Haunting at Preston Castle (Inception Media Group, NR)

A-Haunting-at-Preston-Castle 75Nothing groundbreaking really happened.

A-Haunting-at-Preston-Castle 500

Inspired by true events, and set on the grounds of the infamous haunted Preston Castle (also known as Preston School of Industry), we follow the unfortunate story of three college kids whose innocent quest for adventure quickly turns into serious trouble. Still upset after a recent breakup, Liz (Mackenzie Firgens, Rent) gets coaxed out from bed by her best friend Ashley (Heather Tocquigny, Insidious) in order to take her mind off things and spend some rebound time with her ex-boyfriend Danny (Jake White, Children of the Corn). Looking for excitement before Liz has to return back to college out of state, they end up at Preston Castle, clueless about what is already there and waiting for them.

Once a correctional institute, the place actually exists (it is located in Lone, Calif.) and has a truly gruesome past. The movie follows the paranormal story of Anna Corbin, a housekeeper who was once beaten to death by an inmate at the facility. It has been said that Anna, her killer Bobby, as well as former wards now haunt the castle. (They have also been featured on TV’s Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures).

As expected, Liz, Ashley, and Danny get what they are asking for by entering the haunted house, and soon enough find themselves trapped inside. The evil spirits lurking in the shadows take them down one by one, as they try to find their way out through the dark hallways and rotting floors.

Sadly, this concept isn’t anything new; the unexplainably brave and adventurous girls who go on a solo mission with only a soon-to-stop-working flashlight, slamming doors, as well as distorted faces appearing in mirrors and blurry shadows moving in the background. Since I am a big horror film fan and like the occasional blood-freezing moment, I anticipated at least one from the very beginning, but it never came. As the movie slowly progressed, I realized that nothing new was going to happen. Nevertheless, what I did like was that about half of the story was shown through Liz’s video diary, either looking through a handheld camera or footage recorded on an iPhone. Yes, of course, I have seen many movies with this concept already, but it somehow added texture to the story and managed to keep my attention through the whole 82 minutes run time, even though nothing groundbreaking really happened.

Apart from the movie’s trailer, there are no special features on this DVD. | Lea Vrábelová

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