Rick Springfield/Panic! At the Disco/Journey

springfieldWhere to begin? Oh my. I suppose after this exercise my credibility as an indie-rock chick will be suitably destroyed. (And yes, that was me you saw belting out "Foolin'" in my car last week.) So we may as well get on with it, shall we?





Journey | Can I just say one thing? Steve Perry's voice. Sure, the songs – especially back in the '70s (don't worry; I had to go back and dig them up; I wasn't into Journey in grade school or anything) – were proggy and later catchy, perfect anthems to capture a moment. But it was that voice. I especially liked Departure, the first album Perry was on, before original vocalist/keyboardist Gregg Rolie left the band. When those two harmonized, the angels sat back and wept, I'm certain. I remember the first time I realized it was Perry's voice – his voice! Not an instrument – holding that high note in "Wheel in the Sky" over the bridge; it was a moment of awe and wonder. Despite the fact that Perry left the band, I still had to catch their summer '05 30-year reunion tour. Not quite shiver-inducing, but it made me remember that early awe and appreciation all over again.

Rick Springfield | Last year, I got to interview the Americanized Aussie, and it was something I will never forget. No, I don't listen to him like I used to, but you can't tell me "Jessie's Girl" isn't one of the coolest songs in the history of the world. Back in high school I'm sure I was more taken by his looks than his music, but it holds up surprisingly well. And the disc he put out a couple years back (Regret/Anger/Shock/Acceptance) showed he still has relevance as a songwriter and performer.

Panic! At the Disco | Kiernan, please don't kill me. The songs make no sense. The voice is yelpy and contrivedly cool. But something really grabs me when I hear their stuff. After catching songs here and there on the radio, I finally broke down and got the disc. I know, they're revoking my indie club card as I type. | Laura Hamlett

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