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You read it here first at PLAYBACK:stl, but now the comic book miniseries by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz is complete and headed to Kickstarter to raise funds for a collected edition.




You read it here at PLAYBACK:stl, but now it’s finally complete! The long-in-the-works three-issue miniseries Pretentious Record Store Guy is finally finished, and writer/artist Carlos Gabriel Ruiz has taken to Kickstarter to fund a collected edition featuring the miniseries, the original comic strips (as seen back in PLABACK:stl’s print days), behind-the-scenes materials, and a collection of blog musings written by the Pretentious Record Store Guy himself. As of this writing, the project has just over $1000 left to go toward its $5000 goal with just 9 days remaining, and rewards for backers include copies of the book, ironic t-shirts, and the most pretentious coffee mug you’ve ever seen. Please consider donating and help make Carlos’ dream a reality!
When you’re a Pretentious Record Store Guy, your life is pretty much made in the shade—you get to see all the cool shows, pick through all the good music, and take home all the latest promos. The key to being in a scene is to be seen, and nowhere is more important than in a record store, where the employees are cooler than you and know every big band a year before anyone else does. While his life is made in the shade, his hair is epic, and his record collection is worth a small fortune (in some circles), he realizes that he’s been coasting for far too long and that life is passing him by. What does he do?
Carlos Gabriel Ruiz is a writer, illustrator, and designer based in St. Louis. In addition to Pretentious Record Store Guy and his webcomic Parade of Freaks, he was a finalist on DC Comics’ Zuda website with the submission Development Hell in 2007. Shorts and Losses (collecting his short stories from various anthologies from St. Louis-based Ink and Drink Comics, which he co-founded and serves as art director) and The Baron Age, with collaborator Jim Mosley, are his latest works. Currently he is working on the autobiographical comic called Comic-Con-A-Sewer and the graphic novel The Revengers. Carlos graduated from the University of Missouri with a BFA in painting and drawing. His work can be found online at and at
Here is what other people have said about Pretentious Record Store Guy:
"I read it…it wasn’t terrible."
Brian Azzarello
Eisner Award-winning writer of 100 Bullets, Spaceman, Wonder Woman
"Pretentious Record Store Guy is really something quite special…a story that touches on those issues that we all deal with — lost youth, longing, passion for work and life, etc."
– Mark Langeneckert
Illustrator – Time Life books, Sports Illustrated, St. Louis Magazine
"I liked this better the first time I read it, when it was a movie called High Fidelity."
– Pretentious Record Store Guy

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