About Father Blank’s Roadside Confessional

Got a sin to confess? Father Blank’s Roadside Confessional is open for business!


Got sins on your chest you need to confess? Then drop a quarter in the Roadside Confessional and tell ‘em to Father Blank! Father Blank’s Roadside Confessional is a comic made from real confessions made by readers via anonymous instant messaging on the site. If you want to anonymously spill your beans, just use the handy-dandy Meebo widget to your right and if Father Blank likes your confession, he’ll turn it into a strip!
Please note that Roadside Confessional is for amusement only, and that by submitting an anonymous confession you are giving Father Blank the right to use your story however he sees fit. There’s no guarantee that every confession will get made into a strip, but if you’ve got something to share, you’ve got a good shot.
In short, you make confessions, and he’ll make comics out of them. So get confessing! To start reading Roadside Confessional from the beginning, click here: http://www.playbackstl.com/father-blanks-roadside-confessional/10109-father-blanks-roadside-confessional-0000
About Father Blank
Father Blank loves cats. He is not affiliated with any church.
Father Blank greatly appreciates true-to-heart confessions but doesn’t mind if you just want to get smart and make something up. He’s trying to be less of a dick and perhaps offer genuine advice, but he admits to being “no Dr. Phil.”


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