Excerpts from This Week’s Press Releases | 09.02.16

666% Death Metal…


“Being a COLDCOCK Whiskey artist only made the recording process that much easier. It is an amazing drink that not only takes the edge off, but is an enjoyable experience whether taken as a shot, a mixer or in a glass neat. Do yourself a huge favor and pick up a bottle today!” [Nah, they haven’t sold out…]

…the multi-instrumentalist pair have been friends since childhood, having met aged 11…

[Band] will hit venues across the country, including some old favorites like The Rave in Milwaukee. “They have an underground 1920s abandoned Olympic-size swimming pool that is empty,” he continued. “The owner has informed us that it is haunted and we believe her. Some members from the band have said they have seen ghosts near the underground pool!” [Ghosts are cool—but is that really the most important part of your tour? Maybe the music and the fans are important, too?]

[Artist] spends the majority of his days sifting through paraffin embedded animal tissues…

There is hope for humanity pouring out of every lyric and from the darkness of some of her more personal songs that address the struggles of this world, there is the hidden light of redemption exploding out!

The band is quickly becoming a fan-favorite in the festival scene, playing four consecutive Rock Boat cruises.

“The term ‘Southern U.K. rock’ may need to be coined…”

The rapper said “what made me feel comfortable is it’s just music.” [As opposed to, what, snowflakes?]

Upstart Chicago rapper [Name] moves languidly, stretching out taunts (“I heard your plug was drrrrry”) [erm…wtf?] | Laura Hamlett

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