Excerpts from This Week’s Press Releases | 08.19.16

Can’t make it to any shows? Well, we’re sorry to hear that your life is UTTERLY BEREFT of happiness and fun, but there might just be a solution.


Global Music Award-winning Mongolian folk metal group…

… the acclaimed series focusing on acoustic guitar, particularly in the American Primitive vein.

Envisioned and realized by classically-trained multi-instrumentalist and songwriter [X], [Band] combines the rawness of second-wave black metal bands with a natural, ethereal sonic beauty. {Writer’s note: Huh??]

Country trailblazer [Artist] is taking his campaign to “Make Country Music Great Again” to Eureka, MO on September 24 playing at Brookedale Farms. {Writer’s note: Where do I start?]

[Band] are industrial, cinematic deathrock creating sounds and words that shift from the violent expression of fear to an obsession with baptism and cleansing.

[Singer’s] foot was run over by a car two weeks before the first recording sessions and recorded more than half of the album with three broken bones and on crutches. [Writer’s note: His foot recorded an album? Whoa…]

Instrumental music particularly offers the opportunity for personal interpretation and reflection. In this ever-fucked world, that seems perpetually in short supply.

[Band] who are something of an enigma; represented by cartoons called ‘bystanders’ the band choose to remain anonymous in order to focus attention on their music, which they describe as Funked Up Trip Hop. {Writer’s note: Grammar errors, punctuation problems, improper capitalization, and cartoon representations—one of which has been done before…]

Vocalist [Name] effortlessly channels Joy Division and Nick Cave, crooning into a death bouquet with his shirt unbuttoned. | Laura Hamlett

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