Excerpts from This Week’s Press Releases | 08.05.16

…a Latin tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival


[Band]’s new album…exclusively uses the voices of people who posted videos of themselves on YouTube.

Two men, stare blankly at the camera, while they feed each other green slime in a homoerotic trance.

When asked about the tour, the band simply offered the comment “no flesh shall be spared.”

…living up to it’s name sake… [Grammarian’s note: Ugh…]

They’ve also matured leaps and bounds from the release of their debut, with, at the very least, each member graduating from high school.

[Album] is undeniably heavier and scarier than most of [Band]’s output to this point – hear the dizzying 18-minute title track for example.

“The video was partially inspired and brought to life courtesy of Tinder.”

The album, which singer XX cautions is not a break-up album, deals with the isolation and transient feelings you experience post-breakup (unfortunately XX’s wife left him shortly after the family moved from NY to Nashville).

Would you be into seeing the very young (around 19/20 of age) Los Angeles band XX? [Actually…I would. I just like the awkward way this is phrased.]

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