Excerpts from This Week’s Press Releases | 07.29.16

His songs get MILLIONS of plays.


A heaping helping of proto-metal chops meets paranoid sci-fi fantastical ravings, replete with some tasty synthesiser werk that breaks it up just so. To grace this fat fuzz baby into the World, [band] has announced new tour date.

“We nurtured our fan base as much as possible through fan club conventions, newsletters and the like.”

[Band] boasts a potent concoction of hardcore rap, rock, horror cinema and theatrical styling.

This album is a covers project.

Their two contributions contained herein should make us all quite excited for their in-progress debut album.

Much to the excitement of music aficionados worldwide, prog legends [Band] will be releasing their new album.

I realize it’s a bit short notice, but we’d love your support!

While out on tour last year all the band members started writing down and sharing their dreams in one journal, which inspired band leader [Name] to write an album in dream language.

We’re looking for an outlet for a premiere for the [Singer X and Singer Y] track sometime in the next few weeks. If you’re interested, please drop us a line, thank you.

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