Excerpts from This Week’s Press Releases | 07.01.16

Renowned Percussionist Releases His 10th and Most Adventurous Record.


But what’s all the worry about? “Not wanting all my friends to leave New York for LA. Concern over record shops closing.”

…a record which simultaneously broadens [Artist’s] canvas – more electronic in places, more classical in others – yet also reflects a life-long love of Randy Newman.

[Band] is the Western USA’s only power-pop band with a name nodding to Megadeth and a history of angelic DIY punk spirit. [The Western USA’s? So there are others like this elsewhere in the country? Erm…why?]

Since [lead singer] mostly sang nonsense words at practice—and it was hard to hear over the loud instruments in the space anyway—it was always exciting, if not scary, for the band to finally get the lyric sheet. Who knew that peppy song was about euthanasia?

On the new album the Richmond, VA quintet assert their position as one of the most forward-looking acts in heavy music across an epic 70 minutes of music that straddles the chasm between bracing intensity and consciousness-expanding psychedelia.

“We got a bit sick of people asking us why we were intentionally hiding our faces or not being in our videos.” | Laura Hamlett

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