Excerpts from This Week’s Press Releases | 06.24.16

New Zealand’s reigning queen of goth pop…


[Artist] masterfully evokes that lost landscape, all while grappling with issues of fatherhood, privacy, PTSD, violence, and dissipated romance.

[Artist] turns pain of his parent’s divorce into debut album where each song is based on the Robin Williams films he loved growing up. [1/Just one parent got divorced? How does that work? 2/Robin Williams films? Really?]

[Album] is “an investigation of blood. Blood that is shed naturally. The white and red toilet roll chain which ties together the virgins, the whores, the mothers, the witches, the dreamers, and the lovers.”

[Song] employs grunge bass flecked with the skittery percussion of 80s-era Janet Jackson. [Umm…juxtapose much?]

[Album] gathers inspiration from the Adam Scott and Ken Marino-starring comedy series.

Hailing from an artist commune on the island of Crete…

Don’t miss out on the next big thing in pop music!

If the band’s first album was about punks growing up, then [the new album] is about grown-ups staying punk.

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