Excerpts from This Week’s Press Releases | 06.17.16

In the song, [Artist] name-checks Trayvon Martin and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


[Artist talking about his song]: “Music makes you feel young. But what happens when you’re suddenly the old guy at a party trying to get the roach going?”

Her dreams are not necessarily rooted in whimsy. In fact they have led to her working as a legal aide on UN war crime tribunals, to inviting strangers to share her Utrecht squat.

The release, which he wrote and produced entirely in his bedroom…

The [post-punk] album toys with grief and the five stages that come along with healing.

In the bands nearly 15 years together they’ve played just about every well worn bar and theatre in America and have quietly built such a massive following that they now headline amphitheaters and festivals and sell thousands of tickets a night. [Note: Never heard of the band]

The guitars draw blood, the drums detonate, the voice is unique-the sound is timeless.

[The band] was formed through a friendship bond over sharing oranges at the park.

The vinyl release features a spliff-and-headphone-friendly track sequence, complete with lock out grooves so you can continue your trip right on into next week, if you want.

[Bandmates] met in the library at Columbia University’s Teacher’s College, where they both worked. “I thought he was a patron when I saw him and said, ‘Sir, you can’t be behind the desk…’ but another co-worker confirmed he was actually a new employee.”

Subscribers…also get a secret bonus item with each tape. In the past, bands have given out handwritten postcards, signed polaroids, rubber duckies, condoms, handmade bracelets, even made a whole different cassette with a hidden song on it. Never know what you’re gonna get!

[The band] pleasingly announce their full-on North American tour! [Note: Er, um…pleasingly??] | Laura Hamlett

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