Excerpts from This Week’s Press Releases | 06.10.16

“We unanimously felt the color red best represented the track.”


Formed in 1995, when the extreme metal world was becoming saturated with black metal, their unique approach to music soon made them become one of the pioneering bands in pagan metal, or as they call their own art, Epic Heathen Metal.

For a band like [Band], who root their message in the Spirit and its purpose to the soul, this was a concept that immediately took hold, and has manifested into a musical collaboration worthy of the Gods themselves.

“I stepped back into my younger self and remembered exactly how to sing what I had written 10 years ago. It was like the flow of the second verse and chorus were laying dormant in my soul until that very moment when I combined both my ideas from the past, with my ideas from the present.”

“The video follows an artist who is struggling with his perception of the world. He is stoically moved throughout the various scenes by his surroundings and is presented with multiple realities. While he creates his art to seek immortality through his work, it is open to interpretation on whether this is achieved or not.”

Taking the vast cinematic soundscapes of dream pop and marrying it with the unwavering spirit of Americana and psychedelia, the song is an anthemic rallying cry for [Artists], who came to terms with the personal loss of loved ones succumbing to illness

[Song] sung entirely in Sanskrit, and the only Sanskrit top 10 single ever, is chanted by the crowds that attend the shows.

[Artist talking about Song]: “Roboticist Masahiro Mori states that when robots approach human behavior and appearance the general response is positive in an ascending scale until a point just before the robot looks completely human.”

His hardened gangster narratives eschew the exaggerated violence of horrorcore, favoring the kind of terrifying front line reportage verified by police reports and far too many headstones.

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