Excerpts from Press Releases | 05.20.16

The duo claim to be inspired heavily by impressionist painters and the explorations of NASA and make psychedelic, retro-futurist pop tunes.


Proudly proclaiming that they ‘bring the soul from the coal’

What does metal sound like when it’s fused with funk, a saxophone, a scatting vocalist, a slapping bassist and a nightmarish acid trip?

“It’s basically about me waiting for someone to talk to me while I am in the Fire Temple.”

Some wretched person once advised “eat, pray, love” as the prescription for a life gone off the rails. [This band] proposes something more like “drink, drug, fuck.”

It’s a concept album made up of one epic 40 minute song. The album is built around a short story.

The pull-at-your-heartstrings single “is about giving in and allowing a moment to fully envelope you.”

[He] has put together a short video montaging past performances synced to previously unreleased fan voicemails that he captured during the initial launch of the project.

[Her] inspiration comes from Santa Fe in particular, where she’s lived for over 15 years and she and her husband are raising a unique extended family that includes Titus and Seluh, two friendly but shy high content wolf-dogs they’ve had since they were ten days old.

This album is definitely not short on either vision or listenability, and many of the tracks here are well worth some repeat uptake into your earholes.

Her arrival story included not only a badly broken foot but the loss of her apartment and every single thing she owned when it exploded. Lyrically and musically this album reflects all of this and more.

Do you like the Lemonheads and the Bad Brains at the same time? Of course you do. This is kind of like that, but with less heroin involved.

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