Excerpts from this Week’s Press Releases | 01.27.16

Last year the band released “Turd,” a Bandcamp exclusive song.

[Band] are [subject-verb disagreement; should be “is”] a standout from the shoegaze revival, that wall of noise lead [ahem…”led”] by its two female band members Jasamine White-Gluz and Laura Lloyd and their long headbanging blonde locks.

[Artist], who is of Italian and Greek descent, had a bicultural upbringing that was a major influence in developing her aesthetic, which draws from Greek mythology and classic literature.

[Album] blends vintage synths and keyboards with a healthy injection of disco spirit to create a ‘70s AM radio sound.

The emotive album reflects [Artist’s] current perspective on life as a father, husband and orthodox Jew.

He brings intensity to otherwise melody-driven songs, catching you off guard sometimes with a line like “shit gets real faster than your ass / goddam laugh while it lasts.”

LA-based PARTYBABY have announced a co-headline tour with Potty Mouth for 2017. [See Marc Farr’s “Shitty Band Names.”]

Hoping you’re interested in a preview.

[Band] formed while the members were all still in high school.

I have attached some additional highlights on the proven hitmaker here for your convenience.

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