Five for Friday | 12.23.16

Frustration is ’80s synth pop at it quirky finest, with a vibe that is Devo meets Depeche Mode.

Hello, New Music Adventurers! I have had so much fun writing this weekly column, bringing you all my new music discoveries. But this will be my last entry. I have made some new writing goals for 2017, which include doing more interviews and CD reviews. Thank you for reading this column; your tweets have warmed my heart and made me feel loved and appreciated. So enjoy these tracks and have a happy and healthy 2017!

Asylums: “I’ve Seen Your Face in a Music Magazine” | The music is punchy, the vocals are melodic, and the rhythm section kicks some major ass. These are all the elements I crave in a band and more. You need to crank this one to 11.

John Legend: “Love Me Now” | I first encountered John Legend when he opened for Alicia Keys at The Fabulous Fox many moons ago. I was hypnotized by his voice then and I am still in love with his positive vibe today. Make no mistake: The music is groovy, but his magnificent vocals are the star of this track.

Kane Brown: “Pull It Off” | It has been a hot second since I have featured any country songs in the column, and now here comes Kane Brown with his sexy vocals and clever lyrics that caught my ear. I am fairly certain that the C&W community will quickly develop a line dance for this sultry track.

Frustration: “’Cause You Ran Away” | Frustration is a cold wave band hailing from Paris. There is nothing I don’t love about this track. It is ’80s synth pop at it quirky finest, with a vibe that is Devo meets Depeche Mode. I adore the driving synths and the simple rhythms, but I am totally head over heels in love Fabrice Gilbert’s strange but energetic vocals. Damn, I miss the ’80s.

Ruelle: “Live Like Legends” | When I first heard this track I was put into a trance. I was absolutely sure this singer was from a European country, maybe Iceland or Finland. Her vocals are fairy-like and unique, like Sinéad O’Connor or Björk. I was shocked to find out Ruelle hails from Nashville. Shocked, I tell you! This song is perfect for a superhero movie, full of inspiring lyrics and dramatic music. When I hear this, I flip up my hoodie, put on my aviator sunglasses, and assume my own inner superhero: Homo Avenger. Be warned, oppressors: I am here to kick some ass. | Jim Ryan

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