Five for Friday | 11.04.16

Beach Slang is keeping punk alive with its own brand of rip-and-burn music.


I write this weekly column to free you from the shackles of mainstream radio. Please check out the link below to my own curated Spotify station called “Five for Friday,” in which I put all of these jams and several more. Updated every Friday; you can be on the cutting edge of the new music world. Get into it.

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I Prevail: “Stuck in Your Head” | I Prevail recently released their debut album Lifelines, and this track kicked my ass up and down Highway 55. Metalcore at its finest, every aspect of this track rocks to the nth degree. Strong vocals, machinelike rhythms, and killer guitar riffs, this track will serve as my five-hour energy drink in the morning.

Night Riots: “Breaking Free” | Night Riots offers plenty of power pop tracks on its latest album, Love Gloom. “Breaking Free” piqued my interest due to its laidback vibe, somewhat sexy vocals, and overall groovy ambiance. This track has an ’80s feel, which always gets points from me, but it is the band’s unique delivery that makes me want to hear more.

Beach Slang: “Future Mixtape for the Art Kids” | Dammit! Beach Slang just played St. Louis’s Old Rock House and I missed them. Beach Slang is keeping punk alive with its own brand of rip-and-burn music. James Alex’s vocals are sublime, and the rest of the band’s amazing performance makes me want to stick a pin though my nose. Make no mistake: The next time this ass-kicking band hits St. Louis, I will be in the pit. Screw it; I have insurance.

Jimmy Eat World: “Get Right” | From the band’s ninth (!) album, Integrity Blues, Jimmy Eat World keeps on rocking with this sultry, bass-heavy gem. While Jim Adkin’s vocals reminded me of a young Johnny Lydon, the rhythm section of the band made this track really sing. Thanks, boys, for all the jams. Here’s to your next nine albums.

Sara Watkins: “Move Me” | Yes, Miss Watkins: You had me from the opening vocals. Her sweet voice was giving me Edie Brickell memories…and then the vibe switched into a Beatles-esque sound. Once on that level, she kicked out some rock vocals that reminded me of Janis Joplin. This multifaceted song is a musical journey I highly recommend. While I am not a fan of typical “jam sessions,” the one Watkins produced allowed me to just groove to the rhythm and let all my hangups disappear for a moment. This track goes on my “Musical Therapy” playlist ASAP.

If you want to hear these songs along with other top jams, check out my Five for Friday playlist on Spotify: “40 songs from artists you need to know—updated weekly!” | Jim Ryan

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