Five for Friday | 10.28.16

When genius happens, it must be noted.


I write this weekly column to free you from the shackles of mainstream radio. Please check out the link below to my own curated Spotify station called “Five for Friday,” in which I put all of these jams and several more. Updated every Friday; you can be on the cutting edge of the new music world. Get into it.

Alaska Thunderfuck, Detox, Katya, & Roxxxy Andrews: “Read U Wrote U” | This jam is from the final challenge of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2. Not only was the challenge one of the best in the history of the show, but this song is by far the best song put out by any queen of any season. No tea, no shade; this song is going in heavy rotation on my Super Jams playlist. This video is a must-watch.

Muddy Magnolias: “Brother, What Happened?” | When genius happens, it must be noted. The vocal harmonies created by Jessy Wilson and Kallie North are brilliant. The message of this song is heartwarming, but those glorious vocals made a permanent imprint on my heart. I proudly nominate their album Broken People for Album of the Year, as it has 11 amazing tracks that completely fed my musical soul.

The Naked and Famous: “Higher” | It seems Brett and Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords have a challenger for being my favorite band from New Zealand. Enter the Naked and Famous wielding their brand of danceable synth-pop. While the band’s sound reminded me of NONONO, it is unique enough to stand on its own accomplishments. But hey, being compared to NONONO is a high compliment in my book.

Tenth Avenue North: “What You Want” | When I was of a millennial age, I was full of angst and anger. A song of this nature would have been unable to penetrate my wicked demeanor. But now, (much) later in life, I can appreciate Tenth Avenue North making a case for Christ with their uplifting track, “What You Want.” While I am strong in my own beliefs, I can respect the band for making great pop music. Bless their hearts.

Kings of Leon: “Over” | Hey, look! The Followills—aka Kings of Leon—have released their 7th album, WALLS. While Caleb Followill’s vocals wrap around me like a comfy sweater, it is the relentless bass line that completely hypnotizes me. The song has a dark wave vibe I did not expect, but completely enjoy. All hail the Kings!

If you want to hear these songs along with other top jams, check out my Five for Friday playlist on Spotify: “40 songs from artists you need to know—updated weekly!” | Jim Ryan

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