Five for Friday | 10.21.16

Sweet and sexy vocals intertwine with sugary, hook-laden rhythms to create an infectious mainstream hit.



I write this weekly column to free you from the shackles of mainstream radio. Please check out the link below to my own curated Spotify station called “Five for Friday,” in which I put all of these jams and several more. Updated every Friday; you can be on the cutting edge of the new music world. Get into it.

Set It Off: “Uncontainable” | Building off his YouTube exposure, Cody Carson and his band Set It Off give you the single, “Uncontainable.” The band has been described as pop-punk and alternative rock, but this track is 100% pop bliss. Sweet and sexy vocals intertwine with sugary, hook-laden rhythms to create an infectious mainstream hit. Watch out Maroon 5; Set It Off is coming for your crown.

Sum 41: “Fake My Own Death” | Sum 41 was always one of those bands that piqued my interest, but never gave me anything to sink my teeth into musically. The game has changed with their sixth album, 13 Voices. The struggle was real to pick just one track off the album, seeing how every song is insanely marvelous. The band mixes in more heavy metal to their sound, which appeals to me as a child of the ’80s. The fact that every track offers ample opportunity to pogo is just the icing on this delicious musical cake.

Green Day: “Revolution Radio” | They’ve come a long way from “Longview,” but 12 albums and countless hits later, Green Day is still kicking my ass. Billie Joe is still my homeboy and I am so jealous of my friends going to their show in St. Louis at The Pageant on October 26. Merriment and swirling pits for everyone! Be sure to cue this one up on the way to the big show to get you in the mood.

Melissa Etheridge: “Hold On, I’m Coming” | The iconic Melissa Etheridge takes on Sam and Dave’s classic soul track, “Hold On, I’m Coming.” The blues aspect of Etheridge’s vocals is put to good use in giving this timeless standard new life. This is not a cover song, children; this is one legend paying homage to another.

SWMRS: “Figuring It Out” | SWMRS was formed after lead singer Cole Armstrong and drummer Joey Armstrong watched School of Rock. That alone is enough for me to love this band. “Figuring It Out” has enough charm and quirkiness that it should endear them to all indie rock fans everywhere. Hopefully, mainstream radio will figure these guys out and get them some much-deserved success soon.

If you want to hear these songs along with other top jams, check out my Five for Friday playlist on Spotify: “40 songs from artists you need to know—updated weekly!” | Jim Ryan

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