Five for Friday | 09.16.16

“One of Them Nights” is one of the best pop songs I have heard in some time.


Greetings, new music adventurers! No time to waste: Let’s get right to the jams.

Fitz and the Tantrums: “HandClap” | I know many of you diehard F&T fans are frustrated the band moved to a more pop sound, but this is how they draw in new fans—like me. I never really cared for the band’s previous albums, but this hooked me. The funky bass line, the clean vocals, and the catchy handclaps all work. I hope you longtime fans can welcome me into the fold.

Weezer: “Thank God for Girls” | Ten albums in and I am still hanging strong with Weezer. This band is just different. I love how they don’t bend to trends and just serve up unique, creative rock music. The vocals on this track are truly stellar and the music is a bit reminiscent of the Beatles. Keep being awesome, Weezer, and I will keep being a fan.

Ryan Follesé: “One Thing Right” | Normally, I take a pass on male singer/songwriters, but Follesé managed to pique my interest. His voice is gorgeous, the lyrics are well-written and heartfelt, and—let’s keep it real here—he is super foxy. Sometimes even I like to take a break from all the hype and just enjoy a well-crafted song.

Unspoken: “Higher” | Unspoken is a Christian pop-rock band—with an edge. The lyrics for sure scream about how much they love the Lord, but their sound is rock mixed with jazz and a killer horn section. If they can get this heathen to tap his foot, then you know they are something special. This song is all about positive vibes—and that’s reason enough to check out this unique jam.

Faarrow: “One of Them Nights” | The Hashi sisters, Iman and Siham, have a turbulent history involving fleeing from a civil war in Somalia and becoming refugees in Toronto. Even through all this diversity, they managed to make it to America and record their debut album, Lost. While their story is inspirational, the fact remains “One of Them Nights” is one of the best pop songs I have heard in some time. I will alert the army of drag queens in St. Louis of its existence; they will surely do it justice.

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