Five for Friday | 09.02.16

I applaud Lindsey Stirling for bringing something completely fresh and new to the world.


You may think I am going a bit too much country, but all I do is allow the universe to guide me on my musical travels. No worries new music adventurers, Dolly is here!

Justin Moore: “Between You and Me” | From his fourth album, Kinda Don’t Care, country singer Justin Moore goes a bit rock with this sexy ballad. The beats are hypnotic, the guitars are soaring, and Moore’s voice is tempting and dripping with sensuality. File this one under “baby-making music.”

Drake White: “Makin’ Me Look Good Again” | From the opening soulful piano to the matching deeply emotional vocals, this country ballad takes me to (musical) church. White did sing in his local church choir, and those skills are put to good use on this fantastic track. The song moves slowly, but every second is more delicious than the last. White pays homage to Joe Cocker and Billy Vera with his mesmerizing vocals.

Dolly Parton: “Never Not Love You” | What can I possibly say about Dolly Parton that hasn’t already been said? (Read my review of her fabulous performance while she visited our fair city.) “Never Not Love You” is from her 43rd studio album. She is an icon, a legend, and a performer of the highest caliber. Nothing left to say: This is Dolly, pure and simple.

Lindsey Stirling: “Don’t Let This Feeling Fade” | Lindsey Stirling invites Rivers Cuomo and Lecrae to rap/sing over her stunning violin playing. It all works flawlessly, as both Sterling’s melodies and Lecrae’s rapping mesh brilliantly, while Weezer frontman Cuomo serves up his signature vocals. Somehow, it all works; I applaud Stirling for bringing something completely fresh and new to the world.

Prophets of Rage: “The Party’s Over” | What’s not to like about Prophets of Rage? Two parts Rage Against the Machine, two parts Public Enemy, and one part B-Real from Cypress Hill make up this “elite task force of revolutionary musicians.” This track showcases all of the band’s strengths: Big, ballsy, bass-heavy rock rhythms mixed with legendary rapping will make your neck snap. (In an ominous sense, when they were chanting, “the party’s over,” I was driving by Busch Stadium. Sigh.) | Jim Ryan

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