Five for Friday | 08.26.16

Very much in the vein of Ferras, the lead singer’s vocals are scrumptious.


Let’s get right to it, fellow music adventurers. I have discovered five more jams for you to enjoy!

Brett Young: “You Ain’t Here to Kiss Me” | Brett Young is a West Coast Country-western singer. He for sure has the twang, but it’s the texture in his voice I find fascinating. Perhaps it’s the California lifestyle, seeing how his vocals are relaxed and melodic. This slow jam is another one to add to your “Songs to Make Out to” playlist.

Angie Stone: “It’s Too Late” | Miss Angie Stone takes on Carole King’s legendary hit. What impresses me the most is how Stone’s relaxed and groovy vocals lets the song itself shine. Leave it to the overly talented Stone to take a song 45 years old and make it sound fresh.

Arkells: “My Heart’s Always Yours” | From their fourth full-length studio album, Morning Report, Canadian rockers Arkells offer up this positive vibe jam. Full of crisp vocals, uplifting rhythms, and compelling synthesizers, this song will get your day off on the right foot. Very much in the vein of Ferras, the lead singer’s vocals are scrumptious.

Atmosphere: “No Biggie” | I bet you all didn’t think I listened to hip-hop, but this reviewer is genre blind. What appeals to me most is how Slug’s vocals just flow. Ant’s beats are relentless and engaging, but Slug’s vocals are what keep me coming back for more. The sound reminds me of both Gorillaz and MC Lyte. Drop this beat and let the Alpine blast.

Dylan Scott: “Back” | Country singer Dylan Scott was born in Louisiana in 1990. (I was 20 then and already doing shots of Jägermeister.) “Back,” from his debut full-length album, showcases the singer’s dreamy vocals and impressive upper range. While he may be a youngster, his vocals prove he has the goods to endure. Be sure to click on this video; his shirt is ripped in all the right places.

If you want to hear these songs along with other top jams, check out my Five for Friday playlist on Spotify: 40 songs from artists you need to know—updated weekly! | Jim Ryan

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