Five for Friday | 08.05.16

Lead singer Jökull Júlíusson’s vocals are haunting and spiritual at the same time.


Let’s get right to it, fellow music adventurers. I have discovered five more jams for you to enjoy!

Juliet Simms: “Get Ready” | She may have been a runner-up on The Voice, but this track proves Simms is here to rock. Her vocals are razor sharp, full of energy and angst. Her sound is what I call Janis Joplin mixed with Pat Benetar and a dash of Debbie Harry. That is no shabby comparison!

Jamie Kilstein and the Agenda: “Fuck the NRA” | I adore spoken word over groovy music: Think Maggie Estep or King Missile but with a political point of view. Jamie Kilstein rants about the NRA while the Agenda pump out some particularly bang-up rhythms. Listen to his words, children: He is speaking nothing but the truth. I personally endorse this message.

Pvris: “You and I” | Attention, drag queens everywhere: This is a jam. Pvris is a three-piece electropop group hailing from Massachusetts, but their sound is definitely Euro. Lyndsey Gunnulfsen’s vocals are similar to Rihanna but much better. This track is a new single appearing on White Noise, a reissue from 2014. Sometimes reissues can break a band all over again.

Volbeat: “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown” | I would not want to meet Volbeat in a dark alley: They rock so hard they scare me. The Danish rockers remind me a bit of Dethklok, but even crunchier. Blazing guitars, with killer guitar solos, intense vocals, and machine-like rhythms weave together perfectly to make an amazing album. Children of ’80s hair metal take note: Volbeat is carrying on the legacy of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden just for you!

Kaleo: No Good” | Our next stop is Iceland, where we meet rockers Kaleo. The band mashes up folk, blues, and rock to create a very spiritual tone. Lead singer Jökull Júlíusson (now that is a rock ’n’ roll name) has vocals that are haunting and spiritual at the same time. The band’s sound is similar to Vintage Trouble, but even edgier. The blues element is what hooked me, but the funky rhythm section is what sold me.

If you want to hear these songs along with other top jams, check out my Five for Friday playlist on Spotify: 40 songs from artists you need to know—updated weekly! | Jim Ryan

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