Five for Friday | 07.15.16

Dorothy’s debut album, RockIsDead, is nothing short of musical brilliance.


Let’s get right to it, fellow music adventurers! I have discovered five more jams for you to enjoy.

The Kents: “The Stakes” | Canadian rockers—why are there so many amazing rock acts from Canada; what’s that all aboot?—offer a feeling of grandiose ambiance with their single, “The Stakes.” Its total hipster, with sharp rhythms, soaring vocals, and a very groovy vibe. This song makes me feel cool—and that is saying something. Check out the video, too; these boys are as cute as their music!

Linney: “Hi, My Name Is” | I shouldn’t like this song. I am a man of a certain age, and pop singers should have lost their charm on me. But Linney forces me to love “Hi, My Name Is” due to her charming voice and fun attitude. Sometimes girls—and gay men—just want to have fun. Consider me a permanent member of the Linney squad.

Jon Pardi: “All Time High” | My weekly dose of country goes to Dixon, Calif.’s Jon Pardi. There is nothing I love more than country music…other than West Coast country music. Pardi’s vocal phrasing is flawless as he serves country realness with a West Coast flair. The way he croons from one verse to the next makes the song shine. This is country music with an attitude.

Direct Hit!: “Forced to Sleep” | Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Milwaukee’s own Direct Hit kicks out a major jam with their high-energy track, “Forced to Sleep.” Very much in the same vein as a young Blink-182, the pop-punk quintet weaves clean vocals, high energy, and a killer rhythm section to create a very infectious hit. Come for the fun vocals, but stay for the excellent guitar work.

Dorothy: “Gun in My Hand” | Let me be blunt: Dorothy’s album, RockIsDead, is nothing short of musical brilliance. I could have done a whole Five for Friday article from this band’s debut and still had several songs left over. I love the dark rock rhythms and the ballsy attitude, but most of all, I am obsessed with Dorothy Martin’s vocals, which are genuine, haunting, and soulful. Each track on this album is better than the previous. This is an album true music collectors will cherish for years.

If you want to hear these songs along with other top jams, check out my Five for Friday playlist on Spotify: 40 songs from artists that you need to know—updated weekly! | Jim Ryan

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