Five for Friday | 07.08.16

I have a special love for all-female bands, and this group from the Netherlands takes that love to the next level.


Well, let’s get right to it, fellow music adventurers! I have discovered five more jams for you to enjoy this week.

Anthony D’Amato: “Golden Gloves” | Anthony D’Amato’s vocals go down super smooth. A sweet voice with hints of Matthew Sweet segues into a ’60s vibe that makes everything groovy. It’s been a hot second since I’ve heard a male singer serve such uniqueness with just his vocals. This track forces me to have a sunshine day and positive vibes.

I See Stars: “Everyone’s Safe in the Treehouse” | I See Stars’ sound is described as electronicore. I would say that description is spot on: Hard metalcore rhythms combined with screamo/darling vocals, all seasoned with a nice dash of electronica. The result may be a bit Linkin Park, but this sound has more depth, more levels. In any regard, it made me want to break stuff.

Randy Houser: “Mine Tonight” | Another new genre! Randy Houser’s music has been described as “Bro-country.” As eye roll–inducing as that may be, this track is nothing but pure country heaven. Houser’s voice has just enough bass that it caught my ear, but also enough shine to make him a star. The lyrics are catchy, and his voice really soars on the chorus. Houser may be about the bro’s, but this one is for the ladies.

Brennan Heart: “In the End” (Dailucia remix) | Funny how I mentioned Linkin Park earlier, because here they are again. Dutch DJ Brennan Heart—with help from a couple of his DJ friends—takes the classic LP jam and makes it happy hardcore. So many different styles in this mix, and it’s all 100% raveworthy.

Luminize | “Kill It With Love” | Luminize makes my heart burst with love. I have a special love for all-female bands, and this group from the Netherlands takes that love to the next level. Straightforward rock ’n’ roll, this band kills it on every front: sharp rhythms, edgy lyrics, and magnificent vocals. While some may say Luminize is reminiscent of Pink or Kelly Clarkson, I say they carry on the work of Vixen and Doro. Plus, the guitar player’s name is Matilda—that is so metal.

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