Five for Friday | 07.01.16

Cale Dodds has a county voice, but a rock ’n’ roll attitude.


Welcome to July, my fellow music adventurers! These jams will make your month even hotter. This edition is a little heavy on the country music, but I threw in a little R&B diva realness for some fireworks.

Brandy Clark: “You Can Come Over” | My love for Brandy Clark knows no bounds. This talented singer-songwriter always manages to write songs that resonate with me. This particular love song cuts me deep. It makes me want to crack open a box of wine and look out the kitchen window in a longing way. Clark’s vocals cut deep, but the lyrics cut so deep they leave a permanent mark—on my heart.

Cale Dodds: “Acting Our Age” | Cale Dodds has a county voice, but a rock ’n’ roll attitude. He may have roots in Nashville, but this generational song has major pop-rock overtones. Yes Dodds—celebrate your generation—and do it your way. I may have distaste for Millennials, but I will always respect well-written lyrics and solid vocals.

Dierks Bentley: “Pick Up” | Bentley’s vocals on this track flow. The lyrics are Country Music Writing 101, but the way the singer gives his vocals some swagger is noteworthy. Plus, his name is Dierks: that alone earns him 25 cool points.

LOCASH: “I Know Somebody” | LOCASH is for sure country, but with a pop-rock edge. Just like Cale Dodds, they take the best of both genres and weave them together seamlessly. This song is designed to make your smile. The hand claps are just icing of this very tasty tune.

Michelle: “If It Ain’t Love” | Yes, gawd. K. Michelle’s vocals are so delicious, they must be fattening. The talented singer tapped my inner drag queen and forced me to lip sync all the way down Highway 55. A voice like this does not come around every day, and I appreciate and love K. Michelle for making this world a (musical) better place. Keep on keeping it real, Ms. Michelle.

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