Five for Friday | 06.24.16

Maggie Rose swooned her way into my heart with her emotionally real vocals and heartfelt lyrics.


Hello, my new music adventurers! Check out these amazing new songs, which I discovered on my weekly musical travels.

Maggie Rose: “Broken” | From her latest release, The Variety Show, Vol. 1, Maggie Rose swooned her way into my heart with her emotionally real vocals and heartfelt lyrics. We are all a little bit broken, but her soothing voice makes it seem a bit better.

Royal Tusk: “Not So Fast” | “Not So Fast” transports me back to the ’70s of gentle, sensitive ballads. While still sounding fresh, it reminds me of David Bowie, Elton John, and early Aerosmith. Tight rhythms, nice backing vocals, and the lead singer’s emotionally packed vocals makes this track a standout.

The Virginmarys: “Walk in My Shoes” | Are the ’70s back? If so, I am fully on board with this trend. For a three-piece band, the Virginmarys know how to make a very impressive wall of sound. The lyrics are dark, the throaty vocals demand my attention, and the overall vibe is groovy.

Lissie: “Wild West” | Lissie’s voice is unique. It is what hooked me on her last album, Back to Forever, a masterpiece in its own right. Her latest album, My Wild West, is a fantastic follow-up highlighting her gorgeous vocals. She’s a little rock ’n’ roll, a little pop, but all genuine. I am enthralled by how this song builds and builds as Lissie holds nothing back with her powerful vocals. Why this talented singer is not plastered all over mainstream radio is mystifying to me.

DREAMERS: “Never Too Late to Dance” | With so many songs giving me all the feels, I need to include some sparkle this week. DREAMERS is a Brooklyn-based band who call their music “cosmic rock,” and I would tend to agree. It’s fun, flirty, unexpected, and refreshing. They are currently touring with Zella Day, and that is a tour not to miss. Those two acts together: amazeballs.

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