Five for Friday | 06.17.17

This song makes me want to dance like Claire in The Breakfast Club.


Hello, my new music adventurers! Check out these amazing new songs, which I discovered on my weekly musical travels.

No Sinner: “Hollow” | I came across this song on June 12—the day of the Orlando massacre. Sometimes the universe knows just what I need. This bluesy, soulful ballad made me feel, well, not hollow. Colleen Rennison’s Janis Joplin–esque vocals filled my heart with love. My heart goes out to those all affected by this tragedy.

Tegan and Sara: “Stop Desire” | Pop duo Tegan and Sara roar back into the spotlight with their eighth album. The pop melodies may be simplistic in nature, but the chorus is super catchy: This song makes me want to dance like Claire in The Breakfast Club. This is another song I desperately needed this week. Thanks, Universe!

Bleeker: “Highway” | This catchy rock track makes a mischievous smile dance across my face. The vibe is full of attitude and the vocals are tantalizing. This is a summer jam in the making; why isn’t it getting any mainstream airplay? Take action: Demand airplay now!

Eliot Sumner: “Halfway to Hell” | This hard-rocking track is full of exactly what I look for in a jam: energetic rhythms, hypnotic vocals, and a devil-may-care vibe. Sumner’s vocals are what I have come to expect from the talented singer: inviting, sexy, and—oh yeah—they sound like her dad, Sting. But make no mistake: She earned my recommendation all on her own skills; she is just so badass.

Frankie Ballard: “You Could’ve Loved Me” | There are so many fantastic songs on Ballard’s El Rio that it took me some time to reflect on which one to recommend. There is an amazing cover of Bob Seger’s “Someday You’ll Accompany Me,” but this ballad just edged it out with its heart-piercing lyrics and soulful vocals. I am pretty sure many babies will be made to this passionate love song—of sorts.

If you want to hear these songs along with other top jams, check out my Five for Friday playlist on Spotify: 40 songs from artists that you need to know—updated weekly!

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