Five for Friday │ 04.29.16

With so many stellar tracks on Candlebox’s latest release, Disappearing in Airports, my job as a reviewer is so much easier.


Welcome new music adventurers; welcome one and all! Here is what I discovered on my music travels this week.

Jordan Feliz: “The River” | The way the power and the passion build in this upbeat pop song is what sold me. The disciplined rhythms, menacing background guitar, and simple piano are all highlights of the track. But the quiet power of the vocals is the star of this song, which makes me want to believe—almost.

Frightened Rabbit: “Death Dream” | I know I am a hard rock lover, but when I find a song such as this I take pause. The way the lyrics and music unfold so majestically, the result touches something deep in my musical soul. There vocals are overflowing with real, heartfelt emotions. I am a better person for hearing this song.

Phil Wickham: “Your Love Awakens Me” | What is up with me digging not one, but two Christian singers this week? (Feliz is also a Christian singer.) Is the universe trying to tell me something? I think it is the positive vibes in the lyrics and the music that drew me to this track. Wickham also has an unusual vocal tone that appeals to my musical ear. Will this get me to a church? Um, no, but this track sure did put an extra bounce in my step this week.

Candlebox: “The Bridge” | Oh, Candlebox, how I have longed for thee. It’s been four years since your last album, and this one is worth the wait. With so many stellar tracks on Candlebox’s latest release, Disappearing in Airports, my job as a reviewer is so much easier. This track is by far my favorite due to the excellent fret work, energetic vocals, and pulsating rhythm section. I think this track must been heard live in concert to be truly appreciated.

The Word Alive: “Face to Face” | Yes, Word Alive, feed my need for aggressive metalcore. No shame in their game on this angsty track. Crisp, powerful vocals, backed up by a strong rhythm section segue into screamo vocals that are distinctively delicious. This one should get the pits swirling—just remember to get those knees up!

If you want to hear these songs—and others by these bands, as well as from previous columns—check out my Five for Friday playlist on Spotify. It will become your new radio station! Enjoy!

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