Five for Friday │ 04.15.16

She may have been eliminated from American Idol, but this kitten has claws.


As promised, I have five more jams to share this week. Enjoy the newness of the music and the happiness of being.

Tori Kelly f/Daye Jack: “Expensive” | Tori Kelly is one of those American Idol singers who were obviously way better than the show deserved. She may have been eliminated, but this kitten has claws. This pop diva sang her way into my heart with her unique voice and off-the-charts energy.

Sunset Sons: “Remember” | This song had me from the opening vocals: so clean, so full of emotion, so fabulous. The band is a U.K. and Australia hybrid and the fusion is outstanding. Songs like this—simplistic in nature, but vocally complex—will always move to the front of the line. ‘Ello Sunset Sons, oi oi oi!

Filter: “The City of Blinding Riots” | This was the hardest Sophie’s Choice I have had to make to date. It was either this song or “Your Bullets,” both from Filter’s latest album Crazy Eyes. Where “Your Bullets” had all the crazy energy I have come to love from Filter, this one has dark techno rhythms—and cursing! “City” instantly transported me to Fallout circa 1991 (older St. Louis gays will get this reference) when I wore combat boots and smoked clove cigarettes. Nostalgia will win with me every time.

Moving Units: “Wishful Thinking” | This track is just fun to hear. Its light, playful vocals mixed with’80s pop sensibility make me want to dance. The vocals are truly unique, the lyrics are campy, and that upbeat rhythm is just so deliciously infectious. Culture Club is touring once again, and I think this is the perfect opening band.

The Muddies: “River” | On my first listen thorough this rocker, my face was the exact replica of a shocked emoji: complete with mouth wide open. So much rock, so much power, so much damn fun. I have been lost in a sea of pop princesses for so long, I almost forgot how to rock. This is a band I want to do four or five Jager shots with, then hit the strip club. File this track under “Songs to hear while in a bar fight.”

If you want to hear these songs—and others by these bands, as well as those from previous columns—check out my Five for Friday playlist on Spotify. It will become your new radio station! Enjoy! | Jim Ryan

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