Five for Friday │ 03.18.16

The new album by 3 Doors Down, Us and the Night, is all around fantastic.


Welcome to my new weekly column in which I will serve up five jams so delicious, so fun, so magnificent, that you will be sure to add them to your current playlists. Be sure to check back every Friday, as I will have five fresh and hot jams for you to enjoy every week. As Al Green said: “Let’s get it on!”

Brian McKnight: “Can’t Take It” | I adore when artists step out of their comfort zone. The R&B singer take a stab at mixing R&B and rock and the result is smooth rock with an R&B edge. The chorus is catchy and that bass line is fabulously funky.

Hotel Lights: “What a Love” | Hotel Lights is an alt rock led by singer Darren Jessee, the drummer for Ben Folds Five. There is a quiet beauty of this slow jam that made me take pause just to let the mellow rhythms wash over me. The instrumentation is quite complex and Jessee’s vocals are sublime. Feel free to use this as your daily moment of Zen.

The Knocks: “Collect My Love” f/Alex Newell | This dance jam takes me back to my days of dancing in clubs until dawn. Newell’s vocals will give you life as she infuses her delivery with R&B realness and plenty of diva wailing. With this album, the struggle was real, as there was another track, “Classic” (f/Powers) that I found equally delicious, but the deal was sealed when Newell nailed those high notes toward the end.

Mind Spiders: “Running” | This song is all about the blazing guitars, and I love it. The guitars, mixed with the muffled vocals, is giving me ’90s darkwave vibes such as Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, and The Mighty Lemon Drops. This is a song I would expect to hear in a dive bar as I sway back and forth, sipping on my Malibu Rum and Coke.

3 Doors Down: “Believe It” | Um, wow. The new album by 3 Doors Down, Us and the Night, is all around fantastic. Every track is slick and well produced, and packs a punch. This was the hardest one for me to choose the best track and I loved them all, but this song “Believe It” spoke to me a bit more than the rest. It has a super positive message and the chord progressions are sensational. Nothing about this track I don’t like.

Be sure to come back next Friday to see what new jams I will have discovered! Keep on rocking, kids; there is PLENTY more to come! | Jim Ryan

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